Fire department logs

Lightning strikes, car accidents, and malice (yes, malice) are all featured in this week’s log.

Monday 4/6/09
13:52 EMS call Newton Street
15:31 EMS call Newton Street
16:24 Electrical wiring problem Turnpike Road
19:25 Vehicle accident with injuries Turnpike Road
21:48 Mobile property or vehicle fire Parmenter Road and Pine Hill Road

Sunday 4/5/09
06:59 Fire alarm Southville Road
15:52 Vehicle accident Cordaville Road and Rockpoint Road
18:23 EMS call Highland Street

Saturday 4/4/09
14:48 Rescue, emergency medical call Flagg Road
15:43 System malfunction Edgewood Road
15:53 Malicious false call Turnpike Road

Friday 4/3/09
12:01 Public service assistance Admiral Lane
17:05 Unintentional alarm system activation (nearby lightning strike) Cordaville Road (more)
17:12 Hazardous condition Jericho Hill Road (more)
17:23 EMS call Newton Street
19:25 Smoke scare / odor of smoke Turnpike Road

Thursday 4/2/09
12:27 Good intent call, OTHER Newton Street
13:57 EMS call Manynard Road, Framingham
16:50 EMS call Highland Street
18:21 Good intent call Cross Street

Wednesday 4/1/09
13:14 EMS call Turnpike Road
13:41 EMS call Boston Road
16:56 Arcing, shorted electrical equipment, Overlook Drive (more)
20:04 EMS call Admiral Lane

Tuesday 3/31/09
13:55 Vehicle accident Main Street and Newton Street
16:12 EMS call Boston Road

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