Poll: How do you do your taxes?

Happy (or unhappy) tax day to you all.

I’m curious how many of you skipped town meeting (or American Idol) last night so you could work on your taxes. Did you do your taxes yourself? Buy a software program to guide you through it? Or maybe you used a professional tax preparer?

According to the Boston Globe, in 2005 58.9% of you hired a professional tax preparer. That’s right in line with the state average of 58.8%. But the thing about the statistic is that the Globe lists Southborough’s population as over 18,000, twice our actual population.

Since we can’t trust the Globe’s numbers, let’s conduct our own super-scientific poll. You know the drill — find the poll in the sidebar to the right and answer the question “How do you prepare your income taxes?” If you’re reading this via email or RSS, you’ll need to visit the site to vote.

And by the way, the town with the highest percentage of tax preparer use? Aquinnah on Martha’s Vineyard at 78%.

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