To buy or not to buy – next steps for the police station

Southborough Police Station

Many of you were intrigued by the idea of purchasing the High Speed Video building on Route 85 across from the transfer station as a new home for the police station. I asked Town Planner Vera Kolias what the next steps are.

She told me the Municipal Facilities Committee will meet to determine if it’s something they want to pursue and will go from there. There’s no meeting on the schedule yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know when there is.

The idea of buying a building instead of building one is not new. Back in March the town put out an RFP for a building to house the police station, but there were no takers.

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14 years ago

Now that the property at 150 Cordaville Road is up for sale, perhaps the RFP should be put out there again.

14 years ago

Southborough does not manage its existing space very well. Fayville Hall is a money pit and is under-utilized. The same goes for the Arts Building which is used primarily for the private Arts Council. Recreation and the facilities manager could easily be moved to Fayville Hall or the basement of the Senior Center. Its a travesty to see the hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent at the Arts Building to re-glaze the old windows.

If a new building is purchased for a combined police/fire building, it doesn’t seem likely that the selectmen will make a decision to sell one or both of the old buildings. We’ll most likely have more under-utilized old buildings that require enormous funding to maintain.

There are truly beautiful and historic buildings in this town but we (the voters) don’t seem to want to make the distinction. Maybe we’re just worn out when these issues come up after long town meetings?

14 years ago

This is an excellent site for a public safety complex – especially since Station 2 is now closed. This location is more central to all sections of town, also it affords easy access to all major routes.

Kate Matison
14 years ago

Answer to Jamie

As a member of the Historical Commission, I believe the rehab at the Arts Center/ former South Union School (currently underway ) is utilizing professionals including veteran, highly regarded restoration architec David Hart, A.I.A. David is also project manager and has written this light-hearted commentary :

“Arts Center/former South Union School

What is red and green all over? The Arts Center/former South Union School in Southborough. Although it is constructed of red brick, it is really “green” as it is being rehabilitated and recycled for use into the future. “Green” with respect to the fact that the building will continue to be used with minimal intervention, and even the intervention is designed to enhance the energy efficiency of the building.

Built in 1912 to the plans of Architects Cooper and Bailey from Boston and constructed by builder Thomas P. Hurley, it served well until 1980 when it was abandoned as a school and shortly thereafter reused as an arts center, town offices for Facilities and Parks and Recreation, and similar uses. Today it hums with activity from basement to second floor, with artists creating pottery in the basement and art galleries and children’s arts related activities in the large open space at the second level. An elevator providing handicapped access to all three levels was recently installed, and a new roof applied six years ago. After an architectural study to identify the existing conditions and a program developed for enhancing the efficiency of the building, CPA monies are being used to rehabilitate the building. A very good contractor was selected following the competitive public bid, and current plans call to rehabilitate the original wooden windows (thus saving them from the dump) and to install energy-efficient storm windows at the interior. The entry doors will be repaired and new emergency egress hardware installed.

Although almost a hundred years old, the building has been maintained throughout the years, and with these additional repairs and modifications, it will continue to be an up-to-date facility that will serve the town well for many more years to come.


Finally, Article 26 proposing the rehab of the Arts Center / former S. U. School was presented to Town Meeting in 2008 and was passed.

14 years ago

It’s nice to see old buildings updated, maintained and lovingly used.

Neighbor that borders The Arts Center
14 years ago

From a Neighbor that borders The Arts Center/former South Union School and as someone that attended Kindergarten in that building. I personally THANK YOU for the dedicated work that has gone into the building and the way it is and has been maintained. It is great to have the building as a neighbor.

The town has a fair amount of land around the school and what a great place to install a LITTLE TYKES playground
We quickly realized when our kids where younger that Southborough has many playgrounds, but not any that may be utilized by the little ones. Finn School does have a small playground, but for obvious reasons you are not allowed to be at the location when school is in session. So maybe it might be a good time to bring back the old South Union School playground, Or divide some of the land and sell off to build houses to create more of a neighborhood and this can all be done around that wonderful structure.

I know this tread is about the Police Station, but as I sat here and looked the comments over I quickly realized that the Historical Commission needed praise for what has been accomplished not the comments he had received.

Great Job and thank you.

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