Southborough’s top 5 taxpayers

EMC office on Coslin Drive
EMC office on Coslin Drive

The Worcester Business Journal ran a brief profile of Southborough the other week. The most interesting bit from my perspective was a list of the town’s top five taxpayers in FY2009.

I wasn’t familiar with any of the names on the list except for EMC, so I looked them up in the FY2009 Real Estate Tax Commitment Book (.pdf) published by the Assessors Office. No surprise that all of the properties are commercial ones either on the Route 9 corridor or along Northboro Road.

1. EMC Corporation
Properties: 21 and 32 Coslin Drive, plus many others
Assessed value: $43,974,300
FY2009 taxes: $351,615

2. Southborough Partners LLC
Property: 325 Turnpike Road (map)
Assessed value: $16,848,600
FY2009 taxes: $232,470

3. Dolan Paula Trustee
Properties: 153 and 155 Northboro Road
Assessed value: $14,210,300
FY2009 taxes: $201,218

4. CRP-2 Holdings AA LP
Property: 144 Turnpike Road
Assessed value: $12,255,200
FY2009 taxes: $173,533.63

5. 124 Turnpike Road LLC
Properties: 136 Turnpike Road
Assessed value: $10,916,900*
FY2009 taxes: $154,583.30

*The WBJ lists the assessed value of property owned by 124 Turnpike Road LLC as $12,255,200, but the Assessors Office lists it as $10,916,900.

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14 years ago

That is very good info. How much does Fay School pay? Oh, that’s right, they don’t pay property taxes! Okay then, lets try this question; how much money has Fay School removed from the tax base by buying up property in the last 10 years?

last question, how much money does Fay donate each year to the Town?

14 years ago

GREAT question Joe! Anyone??

Matthew Brownell
14 years ago

I believe last year it was either $5,000 or $10,000.

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