Southborough postal worker sues Postal Service, delivers mail in tuxedo

Here’s a story in the Metrowest Daily News about a Southborough postal carrier who is suing the US Postal Service:

U.S. District Judge Dennis Saylor has denied the postal service’s motion to dismiss the case of Peter J. Marinelli, an Ashland resident whose route was in Southborough. Marinelli has accused his former boss, Joseph Mulvey, of retaliating against him when he complained to superiors that he was being harassed. He also said Mulvey pressured him to retire for his last six years on the job.

Marinelli retired from the Postal Service last week after 34 years on the job. The photo that accompanies the article shows him on his last day of work delivering the mail dressed in a tuxedo with what appears to be a waiting limo in the background. What does it say that I’m more interested in that story than I am in the lawsuit?

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