Selectmen tackle South Union School repair bill and civilian flaggers

Windows in the Arts Center
Old windows at the South Union School are being replaced

I wasn’t at the Board of Selectmen meeting last night, but according to the recap in the Metrowest Daily News, I missed some action.

Selectmen got worked up over a $9,000 change order request on the South Union School repair project, and ultimately denied the request:

“I’ve got a big problem with this request,” Selectman Bill Boland said. “I don’t think this town should pay this after your firm conducted a walkthrough of the project and submitted a bid.”

Selectmen and Interim Police Chief Jane Moran also tackled the subject of civilian flaggers. The state plans to use flaggers instead of police personnel during the Mass Pike bridge work on Cordaville and Woodland Roads later this fall.

“Mass. Highway determined that both areas were low traffic areas, but these roads exceed 18,000 cars each day,” Moran said. “Civilian flaggers are just simply not trained to handle driver road rage or medical emergencies.”

You can read all the details in the Metrowest Daily News.

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Mark R
14 years ago

Memeo to Jane Moran – You have got to be kidding me! If this is her logic, than God the Selectmen learn this before they make a mistake and appoint her Chief.

We need new ideas and creative solutions to provide effective law enforcement with limited resources. We DON’T need more of business the same old way.

Flaggers can’t handlemedical emergencies but polce can? ASK A FIREFIGHTER ABOUT THIS!!!!!! The police have a radio and the flaggers havecell phones to call 911 for the fire department.

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