Southborough voters weigh in on the election

As part of its election day coverage, the Metrowest Daily News got a sampling of comments from voters with a Southborough connection. Here’s what they had to say.

“I don’t want to see the health care bill go through and Coakley’s attack ads really turned me off in a big way.” —Resident Steve Dunn on why he voted for Scott Brown. (full article)

“[I have not been] this excited for an election since the days of Ronald Reagan and later Bill Clinton.” —Resident Kristin Godin on her support for Brown. (full article)

“All of Barack’s agenda is at risk … We need someone who is going to support Barack and allow him to get things done. If Scott Brown gets elected, he will just be the 41st vote against everything the Democrats want to do.” —Pete Perkins, the owner of Compass Solutions in Southborough, a kitchen and bathroom contracting business, on why he supported Coakley. (full article)

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