Rash of car break-ins hits Southborough neighborhood

The Metrowest Daily News reports today that a bunch of cars in the Paramenter Road area were broken into on Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Police Sgt. Timothy Slatkavitz said yesterday that the thieves were likely looking for loose change.

“They didn’t break any windows,” he said. “This type of thing happens in waves and we want to remind people to always lock their doors even when they park in their own driveway overnight.”

Police said the cars were left unlocked.

You can read all the details here. Another interesting tidbit from the article is that there was a wave of car break-ins in the Fayville area back in June. Thirteen cars were broken into that time.

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Lisa Spellman
13 years ago

The rash of breakins included cars on Pine Hill and Joslin. The police told me that there were 9 breakins on the 3 streets, as well as having heard from Marlborough that there were breakins on Broadmeadow. They have asked everyone to lock their cars if they leave them outside, and to report any theft, no matter how small. We have now been hit twice, and the thieves have gone into our garage, and into both of our cars. Call me naive, but I figured that after the first breakin, I would not be hit a second time, but I was wrong. They left everything out neatly on the car seats, took no money, and did not take the GPS from my husband’s car, but only took phone cords and an iPod cord. Eighteen years in this town, and now I have to lock my car in my own garage. Times they are a changin…

carrie alpert
13 years ago

nice of them to just take what they needed, they were emotionally balanced thieves who were just in need of recharing of their technology. They left you your cash so that you could buy some more stuff that they could come back and take if they so felt that it fit into their lifestyle.

i just emailed my mother in law who lives in that area. For those of us who know and have relatives in town or surrounding towns who may not be up on the instant ways of blogging it is important to inform them that sadly this is going on.

kelly holmes
13 years ago

hope it dosent happen to me

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