Gulbankians given a month to come up with plan to appease neighbors

Above: Buses parked at Gulbankian’s

The Gulbankian family met with the Zoning Board of Appeals last night. The Metrowest Daily News has a report:

The Zoning Board of Appeals last night gave a local family ensnared in a land-use brouhaha one month to work with town department heads to find ways its three businesses can operate without drawing neighbors’ ire.

“This is probably one of the most complex sites in town because of the history of uses,” Town Counsel Aldo Cipriano told board members.

The Gulbankian’s will meet with town department heads to work out solutions to neighbors concerns about noise, lighting, drainage, screening, and other issues. They’ll return to the ZBA in September with a plan.

You can read more details in the MWDN.

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Resident of Cordaville
13 years ago

I believe the school busses now lined up in the Gulbankian lot are an eyesore.
As I drove by the location today there was a mechanic in the parking lot repairing.

As we enter the south side you are greated by a school bus repair and storage site as soon as you enter.

These busses are used to transport Marlborough students.
We are now STUCK with the eyesore of the busses and subject to a laundry list of issues like,
parking lot repairs.
pollution as they idle to warm up.
The noise
Traffic issues as they all travel our roads and head out towards Marlborough every morning and don’t forget the return trip some will return well past dark as the school late busses return.

Then when they have the first trouble at the location they will be behind some ugly chain link fence.
That will be a real warm welcome to our side.
Who gets the excise tax on these busses? Does that go to Southborough?
Sorry if this sounds like just another complaint and I do live to far away to hear the noise but I just don’t like the looks and I am not looking forward to dealing with MORE Cut through traffic in the town of Southborough.
Thank you.

Mike Jr.
13 years ago

I Agree with Cordaville. Last on my way home the backyard mechanics where working on the buses in the driveway. So Much For Being A NIce Neighbor!!!

Resident for 19 years
13 years ago

I don’t agree. Quit your complaining, because your yard is an eyesore! Leave the Gulbankian’s alone.

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