State primary: How Southborough voted

Above: Supporters held signs outside the polling place at Trottier yesterday

Just shy of 15% of you turned out to vote in the state primary yesterday. For the most part, Southborough voted with the majority in the handful of contested races on the ballot. The one exception was the race for Republican candidate for congress, where Southborough voters favored Brian Herr over primary winner Martin Lamb.

Here are the results from the contested races (full results are here). Percentages given are for Southborough voters. Names in bold are the primary winners. Note that the results are not considered official until certified.


  • Treasurer: Steven Grossman (64%), Stephen Murphy (25%)
  • Auditor: Suzanne Bump (43%), Guy William Glodis (33%), Mike Lake (17%)
  • Governor’s Councillor: Marilyn Devaney (48%), Corey Belanger (24%)
  • Sheriff: Thomas Foley (51%), Scot Bove (34%) *

* The race for Sheriff is currently too close to call. At last check Foley had 52% of the vote to Bove’s 47% with 225 of 233 precincts reporting.


  • Auditor: Mary Connaughton (84%), Kamal Jain (6%)
  • Representative in Congress: Brian Herr (29%), Martin Lamb (23%), Michael Stopa (22%), Robert Delle (15%), Robert Chipman (2%)

Mark your calendars. The general election will be held on November 2.

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