Good question: Are the sidewalks on Southville Road going to be repaired?

In this week’s open discussion thread, several of you complained about the state of the sidewalks along Southville Road. “The cement is cracked and the weeds and trees are over grown — it is almost impossible to push a stroller or even walk over them,” wrote commenter Lily.

I asked DPW Superintendent Karen Galligan for a comment, and she had good news to report. Repairs to Southville Road west of Route 85 are included in a paving contract that was recently awarded. “We are going to mill the top layer off of the road, install granite curbing, repave the roadway and the sidewalks on Southville,” Galligan told me in an email.

The work is expected to begin next spring or summer.

On the other end of Southville Road east of Route 85, improvements are already being made. Earlier this month construction began on a new sidewalk along the north side of the road from Liberty Drive to the Ashland town line. Money for the project came from the state.

Resident Linda Shaffer sent in these photos of the construction work from earlier in the month (click to enlarge).

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tessa stephens
13 years ago

Wow. It would be nice to think that our small voices had something to do with this :)
I suppose it did get someone to at least let us KNOW the sidewalk was slated to happen in the near futre. Imagine the power our words can have.

13 years ago

Good news that our busy road will get a face lift. Now if we could only get the speed limit dropped. It’s frightening how fast cars and tractor trailers speed past kids waiting at the bus stop!

13 years ago


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