Students create a ‘living flag’ at Neary

Above: Neary students in flag formation (photo by David Stubbart)

Students at Neary had a special assignment last week. Dressed in red, white, and blue, they lined up on the lawn outside the school to create what Principal Linda Murdock called a “living flag.” Fifth graders at the school did the math and created a plan for which classes would dress in which colors.

A photo of the flag was taken by Neary teacher David Stubbart. Murdock said the photo will be used to make a thank-you card to send with troops along with candy from Neary’s annual candy drive.

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12 years ago

That is sooooooooo cool !!!

12 years ago

Great idea! Good job with the photo Dave!

Pat Q
12 years ago

Now THAT’S how you make math fun! What a great project they can be proud of.
Great work Neary.

12 years ago

Great picture and idea!!!

carrie alpert
12 years ago

super cool use of math skills and how neat to be a part of a living flag!

12 years ago

My son is in there somewhere. It’s great to see how it came out!

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