What to put in those Scouting For Food bags

Last Saturday you should have found a plastic grocery bag hanging on your mailbox. The bags were distributed throughout town by local Scouts as part of their annual Scouting For Food drive. Your job is to fill the bag with pantry items and leave it out by your mailbox this coming Saturday for the Scouts to pick up.

Wonder what exactly you should fill the bag with? Here’s a list of items the Southborough Food Pantry particularly needs — turns out it’s more than just food. Pantry volunteers say the most important thing you can do is check to make sure food items are not past their expiration date. Here’s the list:

  • Canned meats (e.g. chicken, ham)
  • Beef stew and soups
  • Canned vegetables
  • Solid white tuna
  • Peanut butter (chunky) and jelly
  • Tomato products (e.g. pasta sauce, diced/stewed tomatoes)
  • Rice and pasta
  • Cereal, jelly
  • Coffee (regular or instant)
  • Cake or brownie mixes
  • Paper products (paper towels, napkins, and tissue)
  • Shampoo and soap (bottles)
  • Laundry and dish detergent
  • Toothpaste
  • Household cleaning products

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Marge Coldwell
13 years ago

Peanut Butter ( Smooth and Chunky)
A lot of our older clients don’t like chunky!

Donna McDaniel
13 years ago

If my mail box didn’t receive a plastic bag, shall I assume it means no one will be around to collect food? We have “group” mail boxes in our condo development–maybe that’s the problem. So can I bring some donations somewhere on Saturday?

Steve Pflug
13 years ago
Reply to  Donna McDaniel

Donna – the bags will be brought to the rear of Pilgrim Church which is next to Town Hall. Come on down.

13 years ago

The Southborough Food Pantry is located at Pilgrim Church. The Saturday when they are picked up, they get delivered right to Pilgrim Church, so any donations not collected by scouts could be brought there.

Steve Pflug
13 years ago

I might add that the bag pickup time for the Scouts begins at 9am. All Bags should be out by the mailboxes by 9AM. The sorting and storing work at the church will begin shortly thereafter. If your bag is not picked up please bring it to Pilgrim Church by 1 PM or bring it Pilgrim or to any of the other 4 sponsoring churches on Sunday.
Thank You for your help. Neighbors helping neighbors.

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