Algonquin boys soccer wins the division championship

Congratulations go to the Algonquin boys soccer team. On Saturday night they were crowned the District 1 Central champions for the second year in a row with a 2-0 win over Leominster.

Second-seed Leominster was the team that dealt top-seed Algonquin its only loss of the season back in October. “They weren’t going to forget that,” Algonquin coach Ken Morin said of his team going into Saturday’s game.

Like the semi-final match that preceded it, the championship match was not without drama. It was by all accounts an aggressive game, and after the final whistle blew, a frustrated Leominster player punched Algonquin senior Jonathan Krouse in the face. Krouse had scored the game-winning goal for Algonquin.

You can read more about the game in this article by the Metrowest Daily News or this one by

Algonquin will face off against Ludlow in the state semi-finals on Wednesday at 7:00 pm at Foley Stadium in Worcester.

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Mary Hynes
13 years ago

I hope that the Leominster player punching the Algonquin student faces some sort of charges for this. That’s a pretty serious and potentially dangerous action to take over “frustration” and the young man should face consequences.

Elizabeth Baldelli
13 years ago

Way to go coach Morin! Sad that the players can’t keep their hands to themselves.

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