Southborough’s new ladder truck: Up, up and away

Above: In the bucket of the town’s new ladder truck

Being the author of this blog has some perks, but probably none quite as exciting as the opportunity earlier this month to see Southborough as I have never seen it — from an exhilarating 100 feet in the air in the bucket of the town’s new ladder truck.

(And I can tell you Southborough is just as beautiful from up there as it is from down on the ground.)

Since the new ladder truck — all $850K worth of it — arrived in Southborough last month, the town’s firefighters have been undergoing training to learn how to do important things like operate the aerial device, work the water pump, and drive the 48-foot long beast. Fire Chief John Mauro Jr. says he expects the ladder truck to be in service sometime in December.

Here are some photos from one of the recent training sessions, some taken while firmly on the ground, others from high above. Click to enlarge.

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13 years ago

Very cool images, that is some serious height.

13 years ago

my knees got shaky just thinking about being up there! Great photos of our little town!

13 years ago


Steve Pflug
13 years ago

Thanks for the great picture of Town Hall and Pilgrim Church! Wish I had been up there!
Happy Thanksgiving to All

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