A final turkey day for Gerard Farms

This isn’t technically Southborough news, but no doubt many of you were sadden to hear earlier this month that Framingham institution Gerard Farms will close its doors for good after Thanksgiving this year. The family-run business has been around for some 80 years.

My Southborough reader Lisa picked up her turkey there yesterday and sent in a photo of the line that stretched out the door.

What are your memories of Gerard Farms? Share them in the comments.

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Marge Coldwell
13 years ago

Growing up in Framingham I’ll always remember going by Gerard’s when there were still turkeys out back! ….the really creamy gravy that you could never match yourself. I remember sitting next to Dave Gerard in class at Framingham High and smelling cloves! Why use breath mints when whole cloves are right there! Do I remember some turkeys in the courtyard one morning?

carrie alpert
13 years ago

I went to Framingham South–am i dating myself if i did not go to Framingham High? ;) and we got our turkey’s from there since i was a little girl. When i heard they were closing my heart skipped a beat. There was something amazing about calling and ordering your turkey, or listening to my mom call for it in the beginning of October (and they never did go the computerized route, everything still on index cards) then the line to wait to pick it up the night before Thanksgiving.
i think that it is a shame that they are closing their doors due to the construction and lack of support from the town–no one can or could get to their business and it was such a wonderful family place.
And you are right, why use mints when whole cloves are right there!

13 years ago

Right after we moved to Southborough about 10 years ago, we discovered Gerard’s – the turkeys were delicious! Then we insisted on bringing the turkey from Gerard’s to my family’s Christmas dinner in Waltham. Well, Christmas Eve came and we were down one car, so I let my husband take it to the mall, knowing that I had everything finished and under control. Just finished wrapping the last of the presents at 2:25pm when the phone rang. It was Gerards wondering if someone was on their way to pick up the turkey, as they were closing at 2:30 (which they had told me when I ordered). I was mortified! I completely forgot that we were doing this, and I had no car to get there – and no hope of a car anytime soon. When I explained the situation (desperately wanting the turkey, with now, no way to get it) they said someone on the staff would bring it to me. Turns out the ‘staffer’ was Mike Gerard. He was so nice about it – and saved our holiday dinner – and my reputation in my family to boot!

Needless to say, we have always bought our turkeys there ever since – they have always been delicious – and are so sad to see this family business going by the wayside.

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