Find out how to apply for CPA funds at a public forum on Thursday

Above: This home on Parkerville Road — shown here before renovation — was purchased as affordable housing using CPA funds

When the town’s newest playground gets built later this year at the South Union School, it will be thanks to money from the Community Preservation Act. CPA funds will also back the new volleyball court at Neary School. Both projects were approved by Town Meeting last month.

Town Meeting 2012 may seem like a long way off — and it is — but the process of determining which CPA funding proposals will be put before voters begins this week. A public forum hosted by the town’s Community Preservation Committee on Thursday will explain to residents how to apply for a piece of the CPA pie.

The CPA allows the town to collect a property tax surcharge that, along with some matching funds from the state, is used for open space preservation, creation of community housing, preservation of historic buildings and landscapes, and creation of recreation opportunities. The state used to match dollar-for-dollar money collected by the town, but the percent matched has decreased over the past several years and is now closer to 30%.

Anyone with an idea that abides by CPA program guidelines can submit an application for funding.

At the public forum on Thursday night, CPC members will explain the process for applying for CPA funds for fiscal year 2013. Town Meeting ultimately decides how CPA money gets spent, but the CPC makes recommendations to voters.

The meeting starts at 7:00 pm at Cordaville Hall (Senior Center, 9 Cordaville Road). The deadline for CPA applications is June 13.

You can learn more about the history of the CPA in Southborough on the CPC website (

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Donna McDaniel
12 years ago

This photograph has been used before in an article on the use of CPA funds… it is NOT a photo of what the house looks like now that it has been completely rehabilitated and finished, a lot through the work of Assabet students. I’m checking but I believe it has been purchased or is in the process of being purchased by a family. There are as lot of requirements and a lot of paperwork to qualify to apply to buy an affordable home, including a lottery if there is more than one qualified applicant.

I am sorry to see this photo used again–I recall makinig a similar comment some time ago. The photograph certainly misrepresents the project and leaves a very poor and false impression of the use of CPA funds.

12 years ago

Does anyone know, or has anyone started, to get this extra tax, off of our tax bills? We already have enough play parks et… and I would like to be able to spend my money where I want to , not on another persons pet projects. Thank you.

Frank Crowell
12 years ago
Reply to  enoughtaxes

I cannot name one tax that has disappeared in my lifetime. We live in Southborough which is part Massachusetts – this tax is here to stay.

Don’t we need a rusted sign on the north end of town now?

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