What the fire department has been up to

Tuesday 5/3/11
14:34 Natural vegetation fire, Carriage Hill Circle
16:16 Gas leak, Fox Hill Drive
17:15 Brush fire, Carriage Hill Circle
17:26 Vehicle accident with injuries, Turnpike Road
17:45 Brush fire, Southville Road and Cordaville Road
20:59 Building fire, Main Street, Ashland

Wednesday 5/4/11
01:59 Assist invalid, Woodland Road

Thursday 5/5/11
08:12 EMS call, Leonard Drive
09:43 Unintentional alarm system activation, St. Martin Drive
11:45 Alarm system activation due to malfunction, Turnpike Road
15:22 EMS call, Cordaville Road
15:49 Rescue, EMS call, Woodland Road

Friday 5/6/11
00:00 EMS call, Main Street
14:36 Gas leak, Pine Hill Drive
23:59 EMS call, Southville Road

Saturday 5/7/11
03:02 Gas leak, Turnpike Road
06:16 EMS call, Woodland Road
15:00 EMS call, Woodland Road
19:58 EMS call, Powder Mill Lane
20:33 Vehicle accident, Breakneck Hill Road
21:00 EMS call, Turnpike Road
23:05 EMS call, School Street

Sunday 5/8/11
03:21 EMS call, Oregon Road
08:18 EMS call, William Onthank Lane

Monday 5/9/11
14:49 EMS call, Boston Road
17:21 EMS call, North Street
17:53 Vehicle accident with injuries, Marlboro Road
19:57 System malfunction, Ledge Hill Road

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