Mosquito population on the rise, but little risk of disease in Southborough

Above: The Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project says the risk of mosquito-borne disease in Southborough is “remote”

Mosquitoes have been in the news lately, what with the death yesterday of a civic leader from Raynham from Eastern equine encephalitis. It was the state’s first case of EEE this year.

Southborough resident and executive director of operations for the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project Timothy Deschamps told the Metrowest Daily News that we may see a few more mosquitoes in our area over the next two weeks thanks to the recent rain. “We’re expecting [the mosquito population] to continue to increase slightly and hold steady for a week or two,” he said.

The good news is the CMMCP says there is little risk of mosquito-borne illness in our area. Still, the CMMCP says fall is the highest risk time for diseases like EEE and West Nile, and they urge caution when you’re hanging out outdoors. These prevention tips from the Centers for Disease Control might help.

You can follow CMMCP on Facebook and on Twitter for great updates on their efforts to control the mosquito population in our area.

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12 years ago

Mosquitos ruin my grilling experience! I simply cannot wait for the fall grilling season!

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