Southborough Youth & Family Services co-sponsors respectful coaching workshop

Southborough coaches and parents may be interested in this upcoming workshop:

Shrewsbury Youth & Family Services, Inc. (SYFS), Westborough Youth & Family Services, and Southborough Youth and Family Services, through its Partnership for Healthy Pathways (PHP) coalition, is co‐sponsoring a free coaches’ workshop titled, “Developing Respectful Teams,” on Wednesday, September 21 from 7 – 8:30 pm. This free workshop will feature Coach Fred Jewett, who runs the Think Respect Project, an organization that fosters mutual respect and sportsmanship in team sports and school environments. Fred has coached for over 30 years and is a regular presenter at the MIAA Captains and Coaches Workshops. Fred’s track teams have won State Championships and he was named Track Coach of the Year by the Boston Globe and the MSTCA.

“The creation of a successful team needs to be based on respect and sportsmanship not fear, putdowns and exclusion,” Coach Jewett says. “Coaches have to be positive role models.”

This one evening workshop is designed for anyone who coaches youth sports teams. Coach Jewett will discuss various key topics including: recognizing the signs of bullying, understanding the difference between competitive aggression and bullying, and constructive ways of dealing with parents and other coaches who exhibit bullying behaviors.

“We will discuss the power of words, how to create a positive team atmosphere and the role of parents,” Coach Jewett says. ““The focus of the workshop will be understanding bullying and how to create an atmosphere where respect and unselfish teamwork are the norm.”

If you are interested in signing up for this free workshop, please contact: Cathy or John at 508-366-3090 or

The workshop will be held in the Forbes Municipal Building, 45 West Main Street, Westborough.

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