Local business helps out a Southborough summer camp in need

I love stories like this – a small community at its best. Have a read:

Southborough Youth and Family Services wants to publicly thank Tanya Trainor, owner of Miss Tanya’s Nursery Schools in Westborough for her generosity in allowing them the use of her school’s van for our Sizzlin’ Summer Scene program.

When it became clear that the van SYFS has usually used in the summer would no longer be available to us, we began a search for someone who might have one we could use. A tip from a local parent led us to Tanya, who didn’t think twice before saying, “of course!” She had the school empty the van of the thirteen car seats, had it cleaned and serviced, and gave it to SYFS for the summer.

She was extremely accommodating, and SYFS, as well as the middle school students who were transported to field trips in Tanya’s van, are extremely grateful!

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