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Above: Estimated snowfall totals from the National Weather Service

As I write this, the rain has begun in Southborough. It’s expected to switch over to snow later this evening, with the potential for “historic” amounts of snow throughout the state. Most forecasts show Southborough with an estimated six to ten inches.

According to MEMA, widespread power outages are anticipated. “Numerous secondary roads also may be blocked by downed limbs, trees and poles,” the agency said in a statement earlier today. “Power outages may be comparable to what was experienced with Tropical Storm Irene, and outages could reach the levels experienced with the December 2008 ice storm.”

Southborough Emergency Management Director of Operations Neal Aspesi said emergency personnel in Southborough are on alert. He said their focus will be on snow removal, debris removal, and power outages.

All around town, residents have been preparing, as well. Snow shovels rest next to the pumpkins by many front doors. The hum of snow blowers could be heard this morning as homeowners tested them out for the first time this season.

The liveblog format seemed to work for Tropical Storm Irene, so we’ll give it another go for this storm. I’ll keep updating this post as new information becomes available, so be sure to check back. I’ll also update the My Southborough Twitter and Facebook feeds. Feel free to chime in on the comments below with how things look in your neighborhood.

Refresh your browser to see the latest updates. The most recent updates will appear at the top.

Update Tuesday 11/01 8:45 am: Power has been restored to most in Southborough, but National Grid reports 285 are still without power (and heat) this morning. Most are in the Parkerville Road south and Atwood Road areas. You can read more in this post.

The Southborough Police Department reports on their Facebook page that all roads in town are now open, but many areas still have limbs and/or trees partially in the roadway. Police are asking commuters to proceed with caution. Trees and wires are still down at the following spots:

  • Gilmore Road @ Metacomet (small branches on bottom wires)
  • Moulton Road @ Harris (cable wire across road)
  • The roadway in from of 12 High Street
  • The roadway in front of 188 Southville Road
  • The area in front of 57 Woodland Road (trees on wires/poles)

Update Monday 10/31 9:00 pm: National Grid reports 1,029 customers in Southborough are still without power. That’s 25% of the town, and more than I thought. My Southborough readers say the following roads are still in the dark: Skylar Drive, Sunrise Drive, Breakneck Hill, Sarenstone Way, Ashley Road, Fairview Drive, Atwood Street and portions of Parkerville Road (south). There are also isolated outages on Bigelow and Ward Roads.

Update Monday 10/31 8:30 pm: In a welcomed turn of events, lights have returned to most in Southborough (see all the reports in the comments below), but not to all. In particular, some residents near Finn School report that they’re still in the dark.

For those of you still without power – and without heat – a reminder that there are shelters in Marlborough that are open to Southborough residents. You can spend the night, or just go for a few hours to warm up and charge up your phone or other devices. For information on the shelters, contact the Southborough Police Department at 508-485-2121 or 2147.

I’m back to full blogging power now, so I’ll return to my normal posting schedule on Tuesday.

Update Monday 10/31 4:30 pm: Power has been restored to a number of streets in Southborough, both on the north and south sides of town. I’ve had reports of power on portions of Parkerville, Cordaville, Oregon, Central, Clifford, Birchwood, Rockpoint, Presidential, Latisquama, and Stockwell, among others.

But many in town are still in the dark, and Superintendent Charles Gobron has decided to cancel school for a second day. Both Southborough and Northborough schools will be closed on Tuesday.

Update Monday 10/31 12:30 pm: Selectman Bill Boland said this morning he is hopeful some residents will see power restored today. “National Grid is actively working in town,” he said after a morning conference call with the utility. “They know where the big issues are.”

National Grid said on its website that power will not be fully restored to Southborough until end of day on Thursday.

The schools are still without power. A decision about whether to cancel classes tomorrow has not yet been made.

There are no plans to open a shelter in town, but one in Marlborough is open to Southborough residents. Boland said it’s a good place to go even just to warm up for a few hours. Scroll down for more information on the shelter.

Update Monday 10/31 10:30 am: Southborough officials have made the decision to postpone trick-or-treating in Southborough until Saturday. Please help spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

Update Monday 10/31 9:15am: Good morning everyone. I wish I had some encouraging news to report to start the day, but unfortunately it’s just the opposite. National grid now says on their website that power will be restored to Southborough customers by Nov 3 (Thursday) at 11:45 pm. The number of customers without power in town has risen to 3,701 out of 4,020. Despite the assurance from National Grid that some residents would get their power back overnight, I don’t know of any who did.

I’m waiting to hear more from Southborough officials. I’ll let you know when I do.

Update Sunday 10/30 9:00 pm: Selectman Bill Boland sent me an update on where things stand. You can read it in full below, but in summary, officials met with National Grid this afternoon and were told to expect a “multiday” outage. Some residents may see their power restored overnight, while others may wait until Wednesday. Officials expect to hear more from National Grid in the morning.

Also in the morning, town officials will meet to make a recommendation about trick-or-treating.

Here is Boland’s full statement.

As you are probably aware, 85+ percent of the Town is without power. National Grid advised in a conference call this afternoon that this will be a “multiday” event and some people might not have power back until Wednesday. There’s a chance some could get restored overnight. While it’s hard to understand why power isn’t restored faster I’ll try to explain it as National Grid has explained it to us.

The power companies try to restore power to the maximum number of people in each step. It works something like this:

Transmission lines – carry main power to the area
Subtransmission lines – branch off to substations
Main feed lines to a town or area
Lines to streets/neighborhoods
Lines to a house

Today they were trying to restore power to the substations for Southborough and some of the surrounding towns. When restored they must then physically make sure the feed lines are intact before energizing them. From there, they work their way out until finally reattaching wires to individual houses. It is very frustrating when it’s been two days and there is still a tree on a wire on your street. It probably means that they are still working on a larger problem and not able to get to that street yet. National Grid is very clear that they will work to restore power to 1000 people before trying to restore it to 10. Unfortunately if there are only two houses without power on your street, they will have you as a lower priority.

National Grid provided Southborough with a liaison today who was very helpful in identifying problem areas and getting them prioritized with the company. They will be providing further information in the morning.

Marlborough Emergency Management has assured us that Southborough residents in need of emergency shelter are welcome to the shelters. Residents should call the Police Department at 508-485-2121 or 2147 to confirm they are in need of shelter.

Schools are closed on Monday and Town offices will be closed unless power is restored.

There have been questions about Halloween still taking place on Monday. The Town’s officials will meet on Monday morning and determine what is in the best interest of the residents as far as “Trick or Treating”.

Update Sunday 10/30 5:30 pm: Southborough Emergency Management Director Neal Aspesi asked me to pass along this info. Warning, its not particularly encouraging.

Power Outage: Citizens should be prepared for a multi-day power outage, possibly as far out as Wednesday. Utility crews are actively working in town.

Shelter: Sheltering is available to residents. If you are interested in the shelter please call 508-485-2121 or seek information at the Police Station (19 Main Street). Residents will need to bring: Bedding, Hygiene items and Medications.

Temperatures: Tonights lows in the 20’s. Monday’s highs in the mid 40’s

School: Class canceled for Monday

Safety: Consider all downed lines to be live. Stay at least 30 feet away. Roads will be dark, if out walking wear bright or reflective clothing and carry a flashlight.

Some of you have asked whether trick-or-treating will be canceled tomorrow night. I haven’t heard, but I’ll keep you posted.

Update Sunday 10/30 4:45 pm: Southborough kids will have their first snow day of the year tomorrow. Superintendent Charles Gobron said in an email to parents that school has been canceled due to “power outages and storm-related difficulties.”

Update Sunday 10/30 1:45 pm: I just got an update from Interim Fire Chief Michael Dunne. He said National Grid has no idea when power will be restored to the 3,400+ customers in Southborough who are without. “They are still assessing the damage, and then they will start making repairs,” Dunne said.

Dunne said most roads in town have been cleared and are now open, but some smaller roads may still be blocked by downed wires.

There are no plans at this point to open an emergency shelter, but Dunne said the Fire Station is open to anyone who needs to charge devices like mobile phones. Just go over and they’ll set you up with an outlet.

Many of you are wondering about school tomorrow. I haven’t heard anything yet, but will of course let you know when I do.

Update Sunday 10/30 12:30 pm: The grand opening ceremony for the new South Union Playground scheduled for this afternoon has been canceled.

Update Sunday 10/30 12:15 pm: I just found out that the annual Firefighters Association Halloween Parade has been canceled due to the weather.

National Grid now reports 3,444 customers in Southborough are without power, up from just over 2,300 earlier today. I don’t think that means more customers have lost power this morning, rather I think the map just got updated to be more accurate. As evidence, we lost power at our house in the wee hours, but only just now showed up on the outage map.

No estimate from National Grid on when power will be restored.

Update Sunday 10/30 11:30 am: If your yard is anything like ours, you have no shortage of trees and branches down. Southborough Emergency Management Director Neal Aspesi says residents should document damage to their property, and especially take photos. Claims should be made with your insurance company, but hang on to the documentation in case federal disaster funds become available.

There has been no change to the number of customers without power in Southborough as reported by National Grid, and still no ETA on resolution, but Aspesi said there are crews working throughout town.

Here is some safety information Aspesi asked me to pass along.

– Consider ALL down wires to be live.
– Stay at least 30′ away from wires.
– Metal and snow are very good conductors of electricity. Don’t touch any metal objects – you never know what is live. There has already be one reported electrical fatality in the western part of the state this storm.
– Report all down wires to 9-1-1. If it is wires from the pole to your house also call your utility company.
– Be cautious of falling tree limbs.
– Be aware of carbon monoxide hazards. Don’t run engines in house/garage.
– Use caution when clearing snow. It is very heavy.
– Be careful of back injuries and over exhaustion. Take frequent breaks & stay hydrated.
Can’t stress enough for everyone to be patient. Crews are working hard. This is again a state wide disaster with a lot of damage and power outages to address.

Update Sunday 10/30 8:45 am: Here is the latest list of road closures from the SPD Facebook page:

Parkerville Road at Fair view
Parkerville Road in the area of #193
Fairview Drive at Summit
Hickory Drive
Skylar Drive
Cordaville Road (Route 85) by #198 – closed at Mt. Vickery
Leonard Drive by Harris Drive
Boston Road (Route 30) between Central and Firmin
Latisquama Road

Update Sunday 10/30 8:20 am: Good morning, Southborough. The snow has stopped, and now the cleanup begins. More than half of Southborough is without power this morning. National Grid reports 2,354 of its 4,020 Southborough customers are dark. They’re not giving any estimate on when power will be restored.

Police and fire crews are still busy responding to many reports of trees and wires down. Several roads are closed. I’ll work on getting a list. You’re advised to stay off the roads at this point. Please also remember to treat all downed wires as live and don’t go near them.

St. Matthew Church has canceled services this morning because they have no power. I haven’t heard about the other churches in town yet.

I’m one of the ones currently without power, so I’ll continue to update as best I can. Most frequent updates will be via Twitter (scroll up for the link). You don’t need a Twitter account to read my updates.

Update Saturday 10/29 11:30 pm: The situation in Southborough is much as it has been for the past few hours: periods of relatively heavy snow interspersed with periods of calm. The National Weather Service says heavy snow is still to come. High winds are also predicted.

Emergency crews continue to respond to reports of downed trees and wires all across town. A house fire was reported on Oak Hill Road. There was smoke in the house, but the situation seems to be under control now and no injuries were reported. On Southville Road, the Department of Environmental Protection has been called in to deal with a fuel spill.

According to National Grid, currently 1,428 customers are without power in Southborough, with no estimate of when it will be restored.

I’m logging off for the night. I’ll be back in the morning with the latest. Stay safe, everyone.

Update Saturday 10/29 9:30 pm: Boston Road (Route 30) at Central Street is closed due to a “massive tree” that has fallen across the roadway and taken down at least one power pole.

Earlier this evening the National Weather Service increased the snowfall projection for Southborough to 12 inches. National Grid reports 1,385 customers are without power in town (down from a high of 1,700). The largest outage – 1,380 customers – is a swath that extends mainly on the north side of Route 9 from Fischer Road on the west to the Framingham line on the east.

Update Saturday 10/29 8:15 pm: In a stroke of luck, our power just came back on, but National Grid is still reporting widespread outages across Southborough, with more than 1,000 customers currently without power.

Emergency responders are busy, as you might expect. Reports of arcing wires on Latisquama Road, a car versus tree accident on Southville, a “large tree” that fell against a home on Sears Road, and the usual spate of flooded basements.

Update Saturday 10/29 7:45 pm: I lost power about an hour ago. Not sure how many in Southborough are without power at this point, but I’m getting plenty of outage reports, mostly on north side of town. My updating capabilities are limited at this point. Best way to follow me is on Twitter. Scroll up for the link.

Update Saturday 10/29 5:45 pm: Snow started in earnest around 4:00 pm today. I posted a collection of photos to the My Southborough Facebook page. (You don’t need a Facebook account to view them.) If you have photos to share, send them to me at

Update Saturday 10/29 4:00 pm: Southborough Emergency Management Director of Operations Neal Aspesi just left a comment on the blog that I wanted to call your attention to. You can read the whole thing here, but following is a snippet:

We are again asking the public to assist us with gathering information (damages, power out/on, etc.) to best focus our responses. We are a short staffed community and cannot continiously survey all areas of the town…your input is vital.

As with Irene, please be patient. The storm will present many challenges responders must overcome and many aspect will be beyond our control (i.e. utilities). The Town will take all necessary actions to address the emergencies and needs of the community and advocate strongly on behalf of the community for State assistance and power restoration.

IT IS VITAL THAT EACH CITIZEN TAKE STEPS TO BE SELF-SUFFICIENT FOR AT LEAST 72 HOURS. (Food, Water, Blankets, etc.). Charge cellphones for emergency use (remember once the battery dies there will be no means to recharge them). Also reach out and check on family and neighbors.

Residents are asked to call 9-1-1 only in the event of a true emergency. Here are other phone numbers for reporting downed trees, power outages, and other storm-related issues.

  • Medical and other emergencies: 9-1-1
  • To report limbs/trees down: Southborough Police Department, 508-485-2121
  • To report flooded basements: Southborough Fire Department, 508-485-3235
  • General response information: Mass 211, dial 2-1-1 and ask for Southborough
  • To report a National Grid outage: 1-800-465-1212 or website
  • To report a Verizon outage: 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966) or website

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Terrie Hansen
12 years ago

I lived in Southborough for 8 months in 2009-2010 and I loved it. Wish I could have found a job though. Good luck to everyone this weekend. Be safe and sane and enjoy!

Neal Aspesi
12 years ago

During Tropical Storm Irene, Southborough Emergency Management obtained a great deal of real-time situational information form the public through the MySouthborough Blog.

We are again asking the public to assist us with gathering information (damages, power out/on, etc.) to best focus our responses. We are a short staffed community and cannot continiously survey all areas of the town…your input is vital.

As with Irene, please be patient. The storm will present many challenges responders must overcome and many aspect will be beyond our control (i.e. utilities). The Town will take all necessary actions to address the emergencies and needs of the community and advocate strongly on behalf of the community for State assistance and power restoration.

IT IS VITAL THAT EACH CITIZEN TAKE STEPS TO BE SELF-SUFFICIENT FOR AT LEAST 72 HOURS. (Food, Water, Blankets, etc.). Charge cellphones for emergency use (remember once the battery dies there will be no means to recharge them). Also reach out and check on family and neighbors.

No matter how determined responders are, sometimes situations hamper even the greatest efforts. Specifically road access in this event.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Neal Aspesi
Dir. of Operations

JD @ Momagement
12 years ago

Thanks as always for the great info, Susan. We are on 495N near Hopkinton and it’s slippery. 45mph tops. Stopping at Stop & Shop for supplies now – dumb me didn’t think about grocery shopping in advance. Hopefully there is some stuff left! Stay safe everyone!

JD @ Momagement
12 years ago

Just stopped at Mauro’s for some basics: bread, milk, and beer. ;-)

They are open until 8pm if any of you out there need some basics, too. And Dominos is still delivering!

12 years ago

My lights just went out for about 3 mins, after flickering a few times. Back now, but keeping the flashlight next to me…

12 years ago

Power on the north side of town is out…

12 years ago

Overlook went out around 7:30. Hope this isn’t like Irene.

JD @ Momagement
12 years ago

Aaaaaand … power’s out. Since 7:30. North side of town, near Pizza 19.

Pat Q.
12 years ago

As usual……our only way to stay updated is through this site and your twitter……you are the BEST Susan! Thank you!

12 years ago

Any chance we know which areas are being prioritized? (please let it be me, please let it be me)

Once, again, I thank you for keeping us posted!

12 years ago

About trick or treating how about we send the kids out at 3:30 to about 5:30 or even 6:00 this means that the kids wont have to miss out on of their favorite holidays. No one would cancel thanksgiving, easter, or even christmas so why cancel halloween just because the powers out. It will be fun its dark and spooky. Please pass my idea on top along. Thanks

12 years ago

According to NGrid site power won’t be restored to most on southside until Thursday at 11:45PM. Not sure where Bill is getting his Wednesday timeframe.

12 years ago

There is a huge tree blocking Rte 30 east of Central St. This is a very busy road, I’m wondering why clearing this tree is not a higher priority.

Pat Q.
12 years ago

With temps in the 50’s during the day and close to freezing at night are pipes at risk for freezing? I am hoping u need sustained temps at or below freezing for several days before they start freezing……anyone know?

12 years ago

For what it’s worth, looking at the NG service map there aren’t many Estimated Times of Repair around Central and Western MA that *aren’t* Thursday night. I’m hoping they are just lowering expectations. Zoom out and check neighboring towns to see what I mean…

12 years ago

Does it matter if I report my outage specifically to national grid? I usually assume that once a neighbor has called it in that they know our whole street is down. But now I’m wondering if we should report it so they have an accurate count.

12 years ago

Nothing will change unless these jokers at National Grid are held accountable. They have taken on more business than can effectively service. Their businesses desrve to fail and new businesses should be born from their wreckage.

This acutally our own fault. We let them get away with this only two short months ago. Towns like Shrewsbury who service their own electrical power were back online within hours. I am tired of people making excuses for these people. Then run a extremely poor business and they should be held accountable.

Kelly Roney
12 years ago
Reply to  TW


Can we finally acknowledge that deregulation of the power industry was a mistake? Prices went up instead of down, the grid seems more fragile, and emergency response is much worse.

12 years ago
Reply to  Kelly Roney

This is so funny to read as I sit here in the People’s Republic of China. Yeah, we should lynch National Grid because we got a once in a thousand year snow storm, 2 million people are without power and the lights are not on for 4 days. Do you think if they were regulated more that they would work faster? Or even better – if they were owned by the state they would react faster? Nobody is forcing you to buy electricity from NG. If you are that unhappy as customer, you can go and put up solar panels or you can go out and buy a generator.

We live in a town with a lot of trees, losing the lights during a crazy storm is a fact of life, it does not matter who owns the electric company. One thing is for sure, if the government owned/ran the power grid, our service would not improve.

12 years ago
Reply to  DJD66

Once in thousand years that happened twice in in the last 2 months. The fact of the matter this is always the case with them. They cannot service their customer base plain and simple. National Grid is a poorly run company.

12 years ago
Reply to  DJD66

The only thing that’s unusual about this storm is the timing. Storms of this magnitude are a fact of life in New England. We shouldn’t be doing business with a utility who can’t cope with a hurricane or a major dumping of snow.

We live in a town with lots of trees, sure – surrounded by many other towns with lots of trees, who mysteriously get power back much faster. NStar is better. Town-run utilities are far better. I have no idea if the main problem here is deregulation and I don’t know if the problems with National Grid are due to general incompetence or the prioritization of shareholders over customers. But I do know this: National Grid is one problem we can solve by moving the town to another provider.

Kelly Roney
12 years ago
Reply to  DJD66

I could make some equally pointless gibe about fascist whatever, but the truth is it’s an empirical question, not an ideological one. I recall the repair response to outages being better before the industry was “reformed” and grid operators were separated from generation. Maybe I’m wrong.

Against that, as AJones points out, municipal electric utilities and cooperatives have a better record of reliability, often with lower or at least more stable prices. I suspect that’s because private grid operators have no better way to increase profits than to cut staff and equipment. I suspect that management, rather than my expectation, then drives their employees to work faster, since the crisis is always too big, and that they rely on mutual aid (Michigan, I heard this morning on the radio), which they can’t deploy in a timely manner.

But we should only make a policy change based on more than my suspicions. We need actual evidence this time. Last time, the industry claimed their newly freed efficiencies would make electricity cheaper. Bzzt. Didn’t happen.

The power of competition is hard to bring to some industries. The power grid, like the road system and the water system, is a natural monopoly. That’s because it’s so expensive to establish their supply networks and because they crisscross public land. The barriers to entry of even one more competitor are too high to be economical. Since the market by definition can’t regulate a monopoly, the government has to – or tolerate its overwhelming power to tell us to buzz off and buy solar or a generator.

The point is: We should choose what works. We used to have a first world electrical grid. Now we don’t. Regulated monopolies and municipal utilities have both worked well in the past (and in the present). They may not fill “free” market zealots with Ayn Rand joy, but for the rest of us, they deserve another look.

12 years ago

I honestly hope that schools arn’t a priority. Citizens households should be number one. You can make up a school day, you cant take back a miserable cold night.

12 years ago

Thanks for the updates Susan. We will keep our (cold) fingers crossed that we get power back very soon. It is frustrating to see neighboring towns like Ashland, Hopkinton and Westboro with many fewer outages than Southborough.

12 years ago

The power on Wood St. just came on.

nancy v
12 years ago

Power back at the south end of route 85!

12 years ago

No school in Southborough (& Northborough) Tue…

12 years ago

power restored on Stockwell and Fitzgerald

12 years ago

power restored Birchwood & Latisquama (I think)

12 years ago

Southwood restored too!!!!! Phew!

12 years ago

Just got power back on Ledge Hill Road.

12 years ago

Whoo hoo! Heather Lane/Darlene Drive/Michael Circle seem up and running!

12 years ago

We just got power on Garrison and Powdermill (off of Oregon Rd.)
Glad to see people starting to get power!

12 years ago

Just got power back on Ted Ln off of Woodland Rd

12 years ago

The power back on at The Montessori Children’s House on Central St. We have an Open House scheduled for tomorrow for those interested in what Montessori is all about. It will be warm inside! Come join us Nov 1 from 8:30-10:30 or 1:00-2:00 to learn more. We serve children 2.9 years through their kindergarten year.

12 years ago
Reply to  Linda

I LOVE that school!

12 years ago

A hearty thank you for helping us obtain up to date information during this event. Your blog has proved invaluable once again. Also thank your family for helping you, help us! I’m sure running this blog is stressful for them during some of these events.


12 years ago

First, I would like to thank you for the constant updates through mysouthborough and twitter. I was wondering if you could tell what exactly the priorities are (by terms of street/parts of town.) I think this would help us all to get an idea of the timeframe of power.

12 years ago

We just discovered your website during this storm. I just want to thank you for everything you have done with all your updates. It’s nice to know this is out there and it is nice to know what a great community we have in Southborough! My family moved here only three years ago and what a wonderful three years (rollercoaster ride with the weather though!!)

12 years ago

Power on Overlook Drive & East Main!

12 years ago

Lyman is up!!!!!

Pat Q.
12 years ago

Most importantly…..we hope YOU now have power, Susan!

12 years ago

Atwood street has no power. Lights in arts center like a bad joke.

12 years ago

Any word on Breakneck?

12 years ago

Thank you Susan so much for your excellent efforts. This has become such an incredible news source and I have been watching your site continuously for updates. We are really lucky to have you staying on top of the news so closely and keeping us all informed. If they offered a Pulitzer prize for local news blog, you would deserve it! :)

Oh, and power back on at Bantry Rd.

12 years ago
Reply to  susan

Susan, awesome job covering this entire storm and its aftermath. Your website was a invaluable resource to many, many Southborough residents. Thank you so much… ET

12 years ago

Latest on NG says 1029 out of 4020 still out. We are on mount vickery and still down.

12 years ago

Power to Fairview hill area returned at 7 PM but went out again at 9 pm. NG service line still giving standard response for return of power on Thursday.

Ravi V
12 years ago

any updates on situation on Summit Road off Fairview/ Sklyar?

12 years ago

Susan, once again thank you for this terrific blog. I could not imagine going through any storms without all the information that is posted. It is so nice to know that there is a place that has updated info on it. Thank you again !!

12 years ago

Freezing up here on Skylar – would have stayed at a friends house if we didn’t have the tease. Hard to get kids up & ready for school in dark & cold. Heard a NG truck was over a Dunkin Donuts – hope they r loading up on caffeine to help us out today.

carrie alpert
12 years ago

i am so heartsick for friends and people in town who are still without power and who had it and then lost it 2 hours later. My house is open to anyone who needs it, anyone at all.

12 years ago
Reply to  carrie alpert

It is always nice to be reminded of the incredibly kind people we have in our town. My hat is off to you, Carrie, for being so generous. A great example for us all!

carrie alpert
12 years ago

I know that I put out an enormous thank you on Twitter but honestly Susan we could not have pulled through this without you~I do not think you have any idea what kind of go between you really are for us when power is out and we need pertinent information. Thank you from me and my family, from all of us in the community!

Robyn and Bruce
12 years ago

THANK YOU for all the updates here. I hope we won’t need this kind of information again soon. I made part of my password at work refer to Hurricane Irene. I haven’t been prompted to change that password yet. 2 big multi-day outages within 90 days is really tough, especially this one with the cold. I hope we can keep up some zeal for trick-or-treating, to make up for how rough the past few days have been. Best wishes to all of those who may still be without power.

Ravi V
12 years ago

Power is on at Summit Road. Atleast it was an hour back when I was at home. Hopefully we will not lose it again like last night

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