Lights come back to many in Southborough – UPDATED

Above: National Grid map showing outages in Southborough as of earlier today (source)

After a “historic” October snow storm that knocked out power to most of Southborough, the lights – and more importantly, the heat – are starting to come back on.

At the peak of the outage, National Grid reported 3,701 of its 4,020 Southborough customers were without power after 4 to 6 inches of heavy, wet snow fell Saturday night and into Sunday, bringing down leaf-laden branches and trees. Power outages left many residents without heat as temperatures dipped into the 20’s on Sunday night.

Power began being restored to Southborough residents on late Monday afternoon, with areas on both the north and south side reporting the lights were back on. But not everyone has their power back, and National Grid said some may have to wait until end of day Thursday. In particular, some homes near Finn School were still in the dark this evening.

School was canceled on both Monday and Tuesday due to “power outages and storm-related difficulties,” Superintendent Charles Gobron said. Safety issues also prompted officials to postpone Halloween trick-or-treating until Saturday, November 5.

Downed trees and power lines closed a number of streets in Southborough. Notably, Boston Road (Route 30) was closed east of Central Street from Saturday night until this evening after a “massive” tree fell and took out at least one power pole. A few secondary roads remain closed tonight due to downed wires.

For a play-by-play of the storm and its aftermath, check out the Snowtober live blog here. Now that I’ve been restored to full blogging capacity, I’ll be back to my normal posting schedule on Tuesday.

Update 8:45 pm: National Grid reports 1,029 customers in Southborough are still without power. My Southborough readers say the following roads are still in the dark: Skylar Drive, Sunrise Drive, Breakneck Hill, Sarenstone Way, Ashley Road, Fairview Drive, Atwood Street and portions of Parkerville Road (south). There are also isolated outages on Bigelow and Ward Roads.

Update 11/01 8:30 am: The number is down to 285. See this post for more details.

Update 11/01 11:00 am: The number is up to 616. See this post for more details.

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Eileen Samberg
12 years ago

Granuaile Rd off 30 still in the dark.

12 years ago

Susan – Thank you for all your work during this storm. It is such a great help and really makes it easier to get thru a crisis like this and the hurricane. Hope you know how much everyone appreciates what you do!

Kathryn Korostoff
12 years ago

Thank you Susan for your fantastic coverage!
I wonder who is responsible for trimming tress near power lines? The town or National Grid? While I am very grateful that we got our power back on, I am worried about the rest of the winter. Seems to me that many streets have trees overhanging power lines–so aren’t we at risk for more problems?

Former Resident
12 years ago

We called the power company yesterday about a branch on the line and was told if it is on the very top line that is the electrical wire they are responsible for removal. If the branches are near any of the lower wires that could be telephone or cable wires and to call them. Good luck.

12 years ago

The National Grid outage map is incorrect, it reports <5 customers outages in the Finn-Parkerville-Rt.9 area, which is completely without power.

12 years ago

It looks to me Woodland north of the Pike, Breakneck Hill, Sunrise, and probably Ashley and Davis are still out, but the outage map says “<5" in this area. I would think these streets alone are more than the 100 houses they say are still out, and there are other locations in town that are still on the map as well. How good are their numbers?

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