Do you recognize this cat? – UPDATED

My Southborough reader Sue found a sweet stray cat at her home on Hillside Avenue this weekend, and she’s trying to track down its owner.

She’s all black, very long and tall, with ears that are crumpled up with scar tissue, possibly from prior surgeries.  She is very friendly and “talkative”. We took her to a vet to be scanned for a computer chip, but she doesn’t have one. I cannot keep her here very long, as I already have 4 cats of my own. Metrowest Humane and Buddy Dog are not taking adult cats at this time.

If you think she might be yours, drop me a line at, and I’ll pass your contact information on to Sue.

Update 7:35 pm: You’ll all be relieved to learn that this kitty (Zeke is his name) has been claimed by his owners. Turns out he just wandered a little further than usual from his home in a nearby neighborhood. I love happy endings!

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Mark Ford
12 years ago

Well HEY!

Sue, did this blog have something to do with the cat’s recovery? No matter…as an indoor kitties owner, so happy to see a cat recovered…it’s very sad to see “missing cat” posters around town.

Sue Rosenthal
12 years ago

This blog had EVERYTHING to do with the happy ending! Thanks so much to Sue Fitzgerald for responding to my request for assistance. :-)

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