Southborough police warn of phone scam

From the Southborough Police Department Facebook page:

We have been informed that some residents have been receiving phone calls from an unknown person(s), claiming that they are doing a fundraiser for the Southborough Police Association. This is FALSE- the SPA does not make phone calls in order to seek support for the association.

As always- be very cautious to whom you make monetary donations to over the telephone. It is not the safest way to offer your support to any organization.

If at any time you ever DO wish to make a donation to the SPA, you can bring your donation (in a sealed envelope) to the Southborough Police station.

Thanks again to those who have supported us in the past!

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10 years ago

It’s just terrible. This is just another of these donation scams reported at Scammers call random phone numbers and pose as representatives of a foundation asking for donation. There’s that Make a Wish Foundation where they supposedly take street children under their care, the Breast Cancer Support Group which helps breast cancer victims with their medication and check-ups and then there’s the Police Protection Fund and a lot more.

It’s just amazing how these scammers come up with a lot of these schemes and get away with it.

10 years ago

The Make A Wish Foundation grants wishes to children batlling life-threatening illness. They do not “take street children under their care.” And I am assuming that by “street children” you meant homeless children?

10 years ago

Maybe that’s the legit Make A Wish Foundation you were referring to.

However, from the SCAM complaints I’ve read so far, scam artists claiming to be with the foundation tell different things. I guess some don’t bother researching about the foundation first. There was even one who claimed they were giving seniors a free get-together party with the other members of their family. There’s just a lot of scam artists out there putting up stories to to steal other people’s money.

Karen Muggeridge
10 years ago

I received a phone call yesterday from a fundraiser claiming to be working for the Southborough Police Association, mentioning police department members by name. When I said I was not interested in providing my support via telephone solicitors they immediately hung up. Thanks for posting this Susan, as in the past, I thought this was a legit form of fund raising. For fellow residents, people are still making solicitation calls so beware.

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