MWDN: McDonald’s files plan for Tin Alley Grill site

Above: The old Tin Alley on Route 9 (photo via Google Maps)

Framingham’s former Tin Alley restaurant on Route 9 just east of the Southborough border has been sitting vacant for years now. In 2010 a developer sought approval to build a “classy strip club” on the site. Fortunately, that plan fell through. Now comes word that McDonalds wants the site for its golden arches.

From the Metrowest Daily News:

The company plans to tear down the existing building on the westbound side of Rte. 9, near the Southborough line, and build a new 5,200-square-foot McDonald’s restaurant with a drive-thru.

Incomplete plans filed with the Planning Board call for a main entrance on California Avenue, and seating for 100.

The Planning Board could start reviewing the proposal and McDonald’s special permit request as soon as next month.

More details here.

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Jim Freeman
10 years ago

“A classy strip club”????? That would be a first.

This does beg the question, does Southborough even have an area zoned for “adult entertainment”? I ask because my former town created a zoning area specifically for that business type in their industrial park. The reasoning was that unless there was an area specifically designated for that type of business, then any potential business developer would be able to establish a club in any area designated for commercial use. The town wanted to get ahead of the curve on that. If true, that’s a pretty smart idea & the S-boro zoning board may want to research that.

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