Harvard cited for another primate death at Southborough facility (Updated)

The New England Primate Research Center in Southborough has been cited for a second animal death that occurred in 2011. The Primate Center is owned and operated by Harvard Medical School.

In a report released yesterday, the US Department of Agriculture said a primate died in October after it escaped from its cage before undergoing an “imaging procedure.” The animal was captured by a hand-held net, but later died.

In February 2011, a primate died after anesthesia was improperly administered during a procedure. An inspection following the death resulted in five citations for the Primate Center.

In 2010, the USDA issued a warning to the center for alleged violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act but declined to launch a formal investigation after the body of a primate was found in a cage that had been passed through a cage-washing machine.

Here’s more information on the most recent incident:

Update 4:45 pm: Turns out the primate death involving improperly administered anesthesia in February 2011 happened in Harvard’s Boston facility, not in Southborough. The Globe reported it incorrectly and later published a correction, as I’m doing now. Thanks to the astute MWDN reporter Brad Petrishan for getting it right.

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Dean Dairy
12 years ago

Do they refuse to specify which species of “primate” was involved in each incident?

Heck, aren’t humans “primates”?

12 years ago

The first link in the article (“Southborough primate facility …”) appears to be broken (Missing h on http …)

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