Southborough residents start support group for parents of teenagers

I’m not there yet, but I hear it can be challenging to be the parent of a teenager. Southborough residents Leslea Linebarger and her husband are starting a new group to help those parents who need some additional support making it through the teenage years.

The first meeting is tonight. Here are the details.

Parenting for the Long Haul: When Teens Stray
If you are parenting a teenager, there’s a new group for you meeting every other Wednesday at Chapel of the Cross in Westborough. The group is offered as a free resource for parents struggling with teen issues, providing support, sharing and prayer.

As a discussion guide, the group will be using Dr. Scott Larson’s book “When Teens Stray: Parenting For the Long Haul.” It’s full of tools to help parents navigate some of the challenges of adolescence. The book will be available for purchase for $10 if desired.

The group will meet on alternate Wednesdays beginning January 18 from 6:30-8pm. For more information, contact Leslea Linebarger at, or call 508-624-0802. All parents of teens are welcome.

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12 years ago

This is a really great resource folks. Dont be intimidated because it is held in a church. All should attend. We will be there. Scott is a very talented man and has worked with teens and youth with very challenging lives, and incarcerated youth as well so he knows the road to “perdition” if you will and he has done it for many many years and I have seen the postitive results first hand. Thank you for the post.

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