Reverse 911 system now accepts cell phone and other numbers

Since the town started using the system a couple years back, Reverse 911 calls have become an important communication tool for the Southborough Police Department. The police have used the system to warn us about things like home break-ins, road closures, and even a black bear on the loose.

It used to be that the Reverse 911 system only called home phone numbers, but now the Worcester County Sherrif’s Office, which administers the system, offers residents the ability to add additional phone numbers to their database. That means you can add your cell phone or work phone number so you’re alerted to emergency information wherever you happen to be.

If you have a land line through Verizon, it should already be in the Reverse 911 database. Phone numbers for Mobile devices, business lines, and alternative phone providers like Vonage, are not automatically entered into the database, so those are the ones you’ll want to register manually.

To register additional phone numbers, visit the Worcester County Sherrif’s Office website ( and click the Reverse 911 button located near the bottom of the page. Follow the prompts, and away you go.

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Dick Snyder
12 years ago

Has anyone tried this? I entered all the relevant data and was told the my address could not be located. I live in Southborough on Pine Hill Road

12 years ago

I tried it and had success, but had to use an iteration of my address like try street instead of road. I also couldn’t get it to work in FireFox. I had to switch over to IE8 to get it to work. I think it probably had more to do with the flash and ad blockers I have employed in Firefox. Try another computer maybe?

Good luck!

Dick Snyder
12 years ago

I got it to work. I didn’t use the scientific method by changing one variable at time. I used IE 8 on a work computer.

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