Firefighters kick off their annual fundraising drive

Above: The annual Halloween parade is one of the events sponsored by the Southborough Firefighters Association

Earlier this month the Southborough Police Department warned residents that an organization seeking donations for the police force was a scam. Now the Southborough Fire Department wants residents to know that a group soliciting donations on their behalf is the real thing. Here’s the statement put out by the department.

Dear Friends,

The Southborough Firefighters will be conducting a telephone fundraising drive beginning the week of January 23rd. This effort enables us to provide financial assistance for charitable organizations and community activities. It also allows us to give college scholarships to deserving students, and provides relief for sick and injured firefighters.

Should you have any questions regarding this fundraiser, do not hesitate to call us at the fire station. On behalf of the entire membership, please accept my sincerest thanks for your continued support.

Joseph E. Hubley
Southborough Permanent Firefighters Association
IAFF Local 3129

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Steve Winter
11 years ago

Thank you for this clarification. We were very sceptical after receiving a call and being aware of the recent police scam. However, could you find out how much of a contribution to a phone caller actually goes to the fire-fighters?

bob a
11 years ago


Same question as Steve.

What is the take of the solicitors?

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