MWDN: Southborough’s Garfield House to be preserved

Good news! The Metrowest Daily News reports this morning that the historic Garfield House – the stone mansion located on Main Street between Parkerville and Deerfoot Roads – has been purchased by a Sudbury developer who intends to restore the property.

Jon Delli Priscoli, owner of the Upton-Grafton Railroad and Edaville Railroad, closed on the property Wednesday for about $850,000.

“He’s very much excited,” said Delli Priscoli’s attorney, Southborough resident William Pezzoni of Day Pitney LLP. “He wants to bring it back to its original glory and splendor.”

The stone house, built in 1849 by Southborough benefactor Joesph Burnett and later purchased by descendants of President James Garfield, has been on the market since 2010. After an auction failed to yield any bids, the home was listed for just over $1.1M. The price was later dropped.

Delli Priscoli went before the Conservation Commission and Planning Boards last summer to talk about his plans to restore the property and feel out whether the boards had major concerns before he went ahead with the purchase.

At the time Delli Priscoli said he wanted to restore the home to its former glory. He said he also intended to restore the grounds following to the original landscaping plans from when the home was built.

You can read more about the new owner’s plans in this article in the Metrowest Daily News.

As one who loves the Garfield House and the role it plays in Southborough’s history, I’m breathing a huge sign of relief over this news. What about you?

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Dick Chase
12 years ago

According to the article, the Garfields were not actually related to President Garfield. It does not mention, however, whether or not they were related to the cat. Allow me to start the rumor that they were. Because that would be really cool.

Amy Richardson
12 years ago

What wonderful news! It is such a beuatiful house with wonderful history. My kids have been asking me a lot lately if someone was still going to buy it and restore it! I myself would love a tour!

12 years ago

According to the article, the previous owners had no relation to President Garfield.

12 years ago

I am so excited to hear that someone wants to restore this beautiful property! Driving by it everyday I always wondered what that house would have been like “back in the day.” I have always been fascinated by that house. I have always wanted to see the inside, but settled for looking at the photos on the website since I wasn’t able to attend any of the open houses. Thank you Mr. Priscoli!

12 years ago

So glad to hear this news! Now there needs to be one more requirement before he signs on the dotted line…… Open House when he’s all done!!

Neal Aspesi
12 years ago

As a huge history buff, I think this is great news. I can’t wait to see the finished product of what it looking like way back in 1849. I hope we have an opportunity to tour when it is completed.

Barbara J Heisler
12 years ago

This is great news! It will be exciting to watch the progress. He has wonderful plans and the original landscape was done by Frederick Law Olmsted, so the grounds will be beautiful.

12 years ago

This is great news! I’ve been wondering what the status of the house was, and actually posted a question to this blog just yesterday. Geez, that’s good timing!

Hewitt Heiserman
12 years ago

The Garfield house at 84 Main Street was owned by President Garfield’s grandson, Irvin (“Mike”) Garfield and his wife Elinor, contrary to what the paper says.

Before Hester Garfield Schepens of 9 Parkerville moved last year, I asked if President Garfield was her direct ancestor, and she said yes. Mrs. Schepen’s parents owned the Garfield House at 84 Main Street, and she grew up there.

Also, the Garfield lineage back to the President is in “American Presidential Families,” by Hugh Brogan and Charles Mosley:

James Abram Garfield (“the President”) (1831-1881)
Irvin McDowell Garfield (1870-1951).
Irvin (“Mike”) McDowell Garfield, 84 Main Street, Southborough, MA (1913- [**book does not have dater of Mr. Garfield’s death]. Married Elinor Fay
Hester Garfield (1944-___) m. Luc J. Schepens

12 years ago

Such good news! I have always wanted to see the inside of this beautiful building. I wish they would open it up to the public for tours. I would pay to go in there!

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