Tips from FitStudio 28: Healthy at the hotel

Above: The hotel pool is one place to get exercise when you’re traveling (photo via Flickr)

[This is the latest in an occasional guest series brought to you by Southborough residents Leah Ammon and Cindy Evangelous who together own FitStudio 28 in Westborough. Summer means travel, and in this post Cindy and Leah share tips to keep you fit while on the road.]

Do you ever wonder how you will get those great workouts in while traveling? Is it hard for you to find a group fitness class while on vacation to keep you moving between indulgences? Here are some great ways to maintain your fitness routine during your stay away.

  • Find out if your hotel/resort has spa classes or yoga to start your day destressed and feeling refreshed. Hotels often offer these amenities, but you may have to ask.
  • Hop in the hotel pool for water fitness and complete the following in the shallow end for 30 minutes: water walking, water running, water jumping jacks, water cross country ski, water knee lifts, water squat jumps, and water twists (knees up and twist abdominal using arms in opposition of knees). You can also sit on shallow water stairs and do V-seats while pulling abs in and out, Pilates kicks, and doing heel beats to work inner thighs while seated. Be sure to stretch thoroughly when finished, especially your legs.
  • Run on the beach for a great way to work your calf muscles. Don’t forget to stretch your lower body when finished to avoid leg cramping.
  • Take a morning walk and finish with the following body resistive exercises: walking lunges, side squats, push-ups followed by side planks (hold for 20 seconds). Do ten of each exercise and then repeat the sequence.
  • Visit the hotel spa and try a 10-minute Jacuzzi session followed by mat stretching while your muscles are warm. Try a basic sun salutation with standing mountain pose, folded bend, high plank, low plank, cobra, and downward facing dog. Repeat five times to feel invigorated. You are most flexible while you are warm.
  • Travel with tubing (lightweight and portable) and try this resistance workout: standing stationary lunges with overhead tubing presses, squat with tubing pull down from overhead stretched position, chest press while tubing is around post/pole behind you (stand with back to post), two-arm row/pull while tubing is wrapped around a pole or post in front of you, standing bicep curls with tubing under feet, and triceps one arm overhead presses while standing on tubing on opposite side. Warm up first with light walking or do abdominal crunches.

Whichever method you choose, but sure to work at your own pace.

(Note: This blog is not intended to give medical advice. Please seek medical clearance before starting any exercise program.)

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