MWDN: Southborough board OKs fixes to three failing septic systems

The Board of Health yesterday approved plans to fix failing septic systems at two over-55 developments in town, reports the Metrowest Daily News. One of the failing systems is at Vickery Hills Condominiums on Mount Vickery Road, and the other is at at Carriage Hill at Southborough on Carriage Hill Circle. Both were reported failing back in June.

From the Metrowest Daily News:

Although septic systems are generally designed to last 20 or 30 years, both systems are only about a decade old, leaving members of the board wondering what went wrong.

Both systems have problems with their leaching fields — fields housing an underground system used to remove contaminants in the liquid that emerges from the septic tank.

You can read more in this article by the MWDN.

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