PHOTOS: Rainy afternoon at the Beals Preserve

The sun peeked through late Sunday afternoon after a what was a gray, rainy weekend. It didn’t last long, but there was enough time after the Patriots game for a family walk through Southborough’s Beals Preserve.

I only had my cell phone camera with me, but I was compelled to capture some of the early fall scenes before the raindrops returned. The most intriguing sight was the purple-edged fungus growing among moss at the base of a tree. Anyone know what kind of fungus it is?

Click an image in the gallery below to enlarge.

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Karen Muggeridge
10 years ago

Beautiful pictures Susan! I have always loved mushrooms, both for eating and admiring. I am going to put on my amateur mycologist’s cap and suggest that those may be “Panus conchatus”.
It looked close in one of my books, and here is a link:
I too, will look forward to anyone else’s thought’s.

10 years ago

Might they be Trametes versicolor, commonly known as turkey tail mushrooms?

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