MWDN: Cumberland Farms forgiven by Southborough, now open

You may have noticed the newly-constructed Cumberland Farms on Route 9 just before the interchange with Route 495 is now open. This after the town issued a cease and desist order in September because retaining walls were not built according to the plan. Cumberland Farms representatives went before the Zoning Board of Appeals last week to sort out the issue.

Reports the Metrowest Daily News:

“We realized that there were what appear to be real zoning violations,” (Angelo P. Catanzaro, and attorney for Cumberland Farms) said, and that (Building Inspector David Gusmini) had in fact made the right decision in ordering work stopped.

Catanzaro said the company did not notice the violations until Gusmini’s order on Sept. 27. He said during the course of Planning Board approval — which occurred after the Zoning Board approval — the plans for the site changed.

“Unfortunately at no time did we alert you that those changes were occurring, nor did we alert the building inspector,” he said, adding that the thought was that the town would be notified through the Planning Board .

“None of this was done surreptitiously,” he said later. “Every time a change was made it was before some board or another.”

You can read more details in this article by the MWDN.

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