Barnstable murder trial has Southborough ties

The latest in a series of trials surrounding the murder of a Framingham man began in Barnstable Superior Court this week. In 2009 Aris Manoloules was shot to death at a home on the Cape. Prosecutors alleges Aris’ brother, Southborough resident Treefon Manoloules, was the mastermind behind the crime, and that he enlisted the help of his teenage son Christopher Manoloules, also of Southborough, along with his brother-in-law Robert Upton of Framingham to carry out the crime.

Treefon Manoloules was found not guilty after a jury trial in 2011. Christopher Manoloules has been in jail since being arrested for the crime three years ago and is awaiting trial. The courtroom drama this week focuses on Upton, who defense attorneys claim was a “patsy” in Manoloules’ scheme.

Reports the Metrowest Daily News:

What the jury did hear, from both sides, was that Treefon Manoloules, enraged that his mother left Aris Manoloules her entire $3 million estate upon her death in 2007, plotted his brother’s murder.

Whereas (Assistant District Attorney Brian Glenny) fingers Upton as the triggerman – saying he was promised desperately needed cash for the crime – defense attorney (Daniel Solomon) said it was actually Christopher Manoloules who unloaded four slugs into his uncle’s body as he watched a Red Sox game.

The trial continues today and is expected to last two weeks. You can read more about yesterday’s legal jockeying in this article by the MWDN.

[When discussing this in the comments, please remember innocent until proven guilty.]

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