Selectmen create new trails committee, members sought

Above: Southborough’s portion of the 173-mile Bay Circuit Trail is one that will be managed by
the new committee

Calling it “a great idea,” the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday voted unanimously to create a new 5-member committee charged with maintaining and managing Southborough’s network of trails. They’ll also play a key role in the creation of new trails.

The Reservoir Trail and the 7-mile portion of the Bay Circuit Trail that run through our town are ones the new Southborough Trails Committee will oversee. Both trails pass through land owned by the WMRA and DCR. Conservation Administrator Beth Rosenblum said the committee would be responsible for working with the agencies to make sure use agreements are up-to-date.

The committee will also work with neighboring towns and local planning groups on the proposed Boroughs Trail which aims to link trails in the Boroughs communities.

The new committee is now looking for members. Here’s more info, including how to throw your hat in the ring.

New Southborough Trails Committee Looking for Members!

Do you like to walk or run on the trails in town? Would you like to ensure that public access to the Reservoir Trail continues and improves? Are you interested in helping to create a regional trail system?

Southborough’s first five-member Trails Committee is now forming. The Southborough Trails Committee (STC) is responsible for monitoring and maintaining existing trails, as well as creating new trails. The STC will play an integral role in town-wide efforts to create a regional trail network.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who appreciates exploring the town’s natural places, enjoys hiking, trail running or working outdoors, and is willing to contribute some time to help improve and expand the recreational opportunities available within the town.

To be considered for the STC, you must complete a Volunteer Form (Town Volunteer Form) and submit it to the Selectmen’s office. Please check the box for Trails. Appointments to the STC will be made in February, so submit your form soon. If you have any questions, please contact Beth Rosenblum, Conservation Administrator at 508-485-0710, ext. 3024 or by email:

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