Residents concerned about group soliciting for ‘Southborough troops’

A number of Southborough residents have reportedly received phone calls from a group saying they are soliciting funds for “Southborough troops overseas,” but local veterans and volunteers say the group is not affiliated with any known town organizations.

Lisa Braccio, who organizes twice-yearly troop drives to benefit those serving overseas, says the phone solicitors are not raising money for her troop drive, and she warns residents to be cautious.

“I just wanted Southborough residents to be clear that any donations they make to this organization is in no way associated with what our town does for the troops,” Braccio said via email.

Likewise, VFW Post 3276 Commander Steve Whynot said the group is not raising money for any of the veterans programs in town he knows about, and he urged residents to think carefully before giving the group any money.

“I personally do not trust any organization that solicits over the phone because only a small portion of the money collected actually goes to the organization,” Whynot said.

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John Kendall
11 years ago

Just like 9/11, all of these new “charities” pop up. Please donate to Lisa’s drives, and for a “little extra”, give to the USO and help them help our troops.

Al Hamilton
11 years ago
Reply to  John Kendall

I agree, if you want to support the troops outside of the our local efforts the USO is the way to go. I have had 2 children in the military and they both speak highly of the USO.

Steve Whynot
11 years ago

Al – John…Great idea…I Googled the group solicting – and they keep 87% of the take – 13% going to the group ( AMVETS ) they are soliciting for.

No one should ever – “Leave a check on the door” for someone to pickup. These people are borderline criminal in my opinion…. But – that’s just my opinion.

The tactics I’ve been told about – are strongly questionable as well.

11 years ago

I received a phone call Friday, they did not like the fact I was asking a lot of questions. I ended the call telling them I will continue to support Lisa and the USO. My son called me from Kuwait thanks to the USO and I’ve been supporting them ever since.

11 years ago

I received a call from a man tonight, saying he was from AMVETS and lives in Millis where the boxes are sent from. I wanted to give a donation and he got upset when I said I wanted to mail in the donation. He wouldn’t provide an address, said they had to provide a receipt by law when they pick up the donation at the door. I said no, he kept insisting to send someone to the house. Finally he gave up and said he would send out an envelope. His tactics are questionable.

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