Southborough family is looking for a kidney donor

Steven Travis Poole, a 38 year old Southborough native with three sons, is in need of a kidney donor. The Poole family has lived in Southborough since 1975.  Steven’s parents are Beverly and Roger Poole.

Beverly explained that Steven was diagnosed with a kidney problem a year and a half ago. This week, his kidneys shut down.

Beverly is reaching out to the community where her son grew up.  (He now resides in Hopkinton, where he moved 10 years ago.) She told me that a new kidney is her son’s only chance to live.

Steven’s blood type is O+. Beverly explained that if someone had a viable kidney that wasn’t a match for Steven, they could still make the donation in his name.  In that case, it would be considered a “kidney swap.” Someone else would receive the kidney and Steven’s name would move to the top of the donor recipient list.

According to UMass Medical’s website, they can sometimes offer a minimmally invasive laproscopic surgery option.

If you are interested in helping Steven and his family, you can inquire about the kidney donor process by contacting Steven’s hospital, UMass Medical in Worcester’s Living Kidney Donor program, 508-334-1269.


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10 years ago

Steve, I am a kidney recipient – 7+ years. My oldest niece was my donor. I live in Southborough. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Are you on dialysis? I know how you feel and what you are going through. Prayers for a donor match for you.

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