Planning Board member resigning this month

The Metrowest Daily News reports that Dana Cunningham resigned at the Monday night Planning Board meeting.  His resignation will be effective June 30th.

Cunningham’s term was set to continue into 2014.  This creates an opening that Selectmen will need to fill.

This opening comes in the middle of a critical Planning Board project, the overhaul of Southborough zoning bylaws.  The board drafted new zoning codes to be voted on at a special town meeting.  The proposed changes have been met with criticismIn preparation for the fall vote, the board has been reviewing changes suggested by concerned constituents.  

In Monday night’s meetings, many of the Open Space Preservation Commission’s edits to the Open Space Residential Development sections were decided on by a 3-2 split, with Cunningham in the majority.

MWDN reports that Cunningham’s decision was based on time constraints caused by work:

“It’s a reluctant resignation,” Cunningham told colleagues at around 10:30 p.m. Monday just before the meeting was to adjourn. “I can’t devote the time that I’d like to devote, and that I think the town deserves.”

Cunningham, who works sales for an office supply company on the North Shore, said the company is expanding and he will be traveling more as a result.

“I don’t like missing meetings,” he said, and would miss too many for comfort if he stayed on the board.

For MWDN’s full report, read here.

(On a personal note, congrats to Brad Petrishen for scooping me by outlasting me at the meeting that night.  I left 15 minutes before this happened!)

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