Southborough emergency officals warn of possible flooding on Friday and Saturday

Above: Expected rainfall from Tropical Storm Andrea through 8:00 pm on Saturday (via the National Hurricane Center)

As you’ve no doubt heard, what’s left of Tropical Storm Andrea is headed our way, and it is expected to dump quite a bit of rain on our area. With the potential for flooding, Southborough Emergency Management Director Neal Aspesi sent out this message:

The National Weather Service has issues a Flood Watch (info below) for much of Central & Western MA (including Southborough) from Friday night through Sunday morning. This has potential to be upgraded to a Flood Warning.

The remnants of TS Andrea is expected to drop 2-3 inches (with isolated pockets of 4 inches) of rain in heavy bands. With the current water table it will not take much to overflow small rivers/streams & poor drainage areas (streets/yards). Basements are likely to flood = homeowners should take steps to protect stored items, ensure sump-pumps work and know the hazards associated with flooded basements (electrical/carbon monoxide/etc.)

Southborough (and all cities/towns west of I-95) will be on the West-side of the storm as it passes over the Cape, therefore winds should not be much of a concern. However trees may uproot as a result of the saturated ground and moderate winds.

The Southborough EOC will be at a Level I (Standby/Monitoring) from 6pm Friday thru 6pm Sunday. Senior EOC staff will monitoring weather conditions, communicating and coordinating off-site with emergency departments and determine further actions as warranted.

Any citizens needing help/assistance should call 9-1-1 or their local emergency number(s).

If you find yourself with a flooded basement this weekend, Aspesi recommends you stay out of it until a professional can disconnect electricity to the house. If the water level reaches or exceeds the pilot flame on any basement unit, the unit should be immediately turned off if it’s possible to do so without entering the basement (use the red oil switch if your home has one). Homeowners should then call the fire department at 508-485-3235 for help.

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