Jazz night for One Fund: Trottier’s Big Band plays fundraiser June 18th

On June 18th, Trottier’s Big Band will be holding its annual Jazz Night with special guest Walter Beasley.  The performance is free. Voluntary donations for the One Fund are requested.

Southborough’s award winning Big Band is an audition-only group comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th graders from Trottier Middle School. Earlier this spring, they earned top honors for their division at University of New Hampshire’s Jazz Festival.

The annual Jazz Night provides a community showcase for students to demonstrate their talent.  It also offers them a chance to support a cause.  In recent years, the band raised money for the Eric Greene Memorial Fund and the Southborough Food Pantry.

On Tuesday, Walter Beasley, “musical Renaissance Man” will return to perform on stage with the band for a second year.  Beasley is one of the ten highest selling saxophonists of the last 15 years.

According to their flyer, famous musician Branford Marsalis praised Beasley’s talent:

Walter Beasley is an anomaly: a successful performing musician who possesses the rare skill of understanding the musical process beyond the intuitive. This special ability enables Walter to communicate with aspiring musicians in a way that removes the sense of mystery that sometimes enshrouds our profession.”

Jazz Night with Beasley is open to the public, and it’s sure to be another great show. The music starts at 7:00 pm at the Trottier auditorium.

(Above image: Walter Beasley via www.berklee.edu)


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Frank Crowell
9 years ago

A really wonderful concert last night. Mr. Clark has a rare ability to extract every ounce of talent from a young talented group which makes these do not miss concerts. Mr. Beasley’s presence was icing on the cake and a demonstration of his dedication to passing along his knowledge.

Bravo to all involved.

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