MWDN: Algonquin drug sweep leads to one arrest

On Friday, Northborough and Southborough Police conducted a drug sweep in conjunction with State Police’s K-9 and its handlers. The sweep led to the discovery of drugs and an arrest.

Packaged marajauna was found in a locker assigned to a 16 year old student.  The student was subsequently found to have more packages in his backpack. Metrowest Daily News reports:

The student, who is not named because he is a juvenile, was charged with possession of Class D controlled substance with intent to distribute.

Friday’s search was unannounced. It was a follow through on the warning police made prior to an announced drug sweep made in March. Back in February, the Northborough Police issued a statement. Below is an excerpt:

On Monday, February 11, 2013, Northborough Police Chief Mark K. Leahy visited Algonquin and spoke with students in all four grades. The students were informed that a drug search would be forthcoming; that the students would be told the date and time of the search; that criminal prosecution would accompany any illegal drugs found; and that, subsequent to the announced search there would be future unscheduled searches as well.

For the full MWDN report, click here.

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Frank Crowell
10 years ago

I heard that if the K-9 had been there on carnival day at the high school just a few weeks ago, he would have died of drug sensory overload.

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