A goodbye that is not a goodbye

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For perhaps the first time in my blogging career, I am at a loss for words. This is my final post as the editor of My Southborough. Bear with me as I muddle through.

When I created My Southborough nearly five years ago, I did it (I thought) because I wanted another information source for Southborough. I wanted to know what was going on, how the town worked, and what the big issues were. I wanted the news. At least, that’s what I thought.

Come to find out, 6,000 posts and nearly three million page views later, what I really wanted was not news, it was community. I wanted a sense of belonging, of contributing something meaningful to my town. I wanted a stronger connection with my neighbors. The blog gave me that to a greater degree than I ever could have imagined.

It’s why I believe many of you come to the blog, too. You come to read the news, yes, but you also come to be part of a conversation, one that matters in large and small ways to all of us. You come to be part of the community.

Thankfully, it’s a community that will continue under the deft guidance of new My Southborough editor Beth Melo. Beth has already taken this blog by the horns, and I am so grateful to be leaving the site in her capable hands. May you show Beth the same kindness, generosity, and enthusiasm you have always shown me.

The best part about this goodbye is that it’s not a goodbye. I will continue to see you in the schools and at the library, over coffee at the Spa and Red Barn, and at the places we all come together – Summer Nights, Heritage Day, Town Meeting.

When you see me out and about, do come and say hello. I won’t be “the blog lady” anymore, but I’ll still be your neighbor.

P.S. – Many of you have asked what’s next for me. Not one to be idle, I’ve already started a new business. Find out more about it here.

P.P.S – Beth now has ownership of the mysouthborough@gmail.com address, so continue to send all your tips and story ideas there. If you’d like to reach me, I’m at susannfitz@gmail.com

(My photo above was taken by Nancy Gould who has the talent to make anyone look good)

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10 years ago

Susan, You have done a fantastic job for all of us! Thank you and good luck in your latest business.

10 years ago

I loved “My Southborough” more and more as (often) the best and fastest source for local news. If I’d heard that something had just happened in town, I would keep an eye on the blog knowing it was pretty likely that Susan would get the story to us! Also I appreciated how people would ask a question about a local situation and either through Susan’s sleuthing – or that of another person, we could find out! Many thanks Susan, enjoy your next project and good luck to Beth Melo!

Nancy V
10 years ago

You have done an amazing job in creating community with this blog. We are beyond grateful to you for all you have done. You will be missed!

Many thanks to Beth for stepping up to take this on. She is doing a great job already!

10 years ago

great job Susan, best of luck in your ‘retirement’ :-)

Sue Wright
10 years ago

Thanks, Susan, from one who still calls Southborough home though I have not lived there for almost 40 years. Sometimes I knew what was happening in town before friends who live there.

10 years ago

Thank you so much Susan for all of your hard work!!! I know your next project will be excellent! (and thanks also for the shout out!)


10 years ago

Thank you Susan. I checked out your new adventure, and I’ll be sure to return. Cheers to you, and my very best.

Karen Muggeridge
10 years ago

Very simply, thank you and good luck with your new creative endeavor. You have been a wonderful asset to the community!

Beth, welcome!

10 years ago

Thank you Susan. You have done an incredible job with this blog and I am grateful!

The Other Nancy
10 years ago

Thank you, Susan, for your personal touch on local news. MySouthborough.com has been the first place I look to for information and a blog I tell all new Southborough residents to check out to get connected to the town. I will miss your voice, but know that Beth will do an amazing job as you move on to the next adventure.
Thanks again!!

Neil Rossen
10 years ago

Thanks so much Susan. We all wish your successor well. MySouthborough is the most important resource to inform oneself about what’s going on in Town.

10 years ago

Thank you Susan for everything you have given to the Southborough community. We will miss your voice on the blog but look forward to seeing you often around town :) Good luck in ALL your future endeavors. Beth, thank you for taking over the reins. You’re already doing a wonderful job.

Mark Ford
10 years ago

Thanks Susan! What a nice site you’ve built…and you’ve made a huge impact on the Southborough community. Mission accomplished.

John Mauro, Jr
10 years ago


Thank you for countless volunteer hours of dedication and commitment to the community! You provided a great resource for current residents as well as so many former residents that love keeping up on what is happening in the community they grew up and or once lived in. And you simply did it for the love of the community!

You always managed to maintain a balanced and unbiased view, and enabled some very interesting discussion on so many important town topics and issues.

Best of luck in your new endeavor!

Eileen Samberg
10 years ago

Thank you for everything! You indeed have built community, and should rightly feel a huge sense of accomplishment. Good luck in your new “stitchery” endeavor – will definitely check it out!

Bryan Sheehan
10 years ago

Susan, has it only been 5 years?! It seems like the My Southborough blog has been a part of the fabric of the town for much longer than that. Thanks for all that you did to provide news, information, and a place for community interaction on items both light and serious. It’s great to know that someone like you, while ending this part of your contributions to Southborough, will still be a part of the community. See you around town!

Jessica Devine
10 years ago

Susan, you’re a gem. I’m so grateful that you started My Southborough – and I’m more grateful for our friendship.

Beth, you’re already a natural at this. I’m so looking forward to seeing the blog flourishing under your guidance.

You ladies are awesome!

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