Power out in section of Southborough this morning (UPDATED – again)

There is a power outage along sections of Boston Road and offshoots this morning, with somewhere around 400-600 affected. Apparent cause is live wire on fire.

I have very little information at this point. I’m going to post this as an open thread for people to share their information.

National Grid’s app reports this morning fluctuated from 5 people effected (and me thinking lucky us) to 19 to finally a spike to 597 around 7am. But at 7:20 showing down to 396.

Estimated restoration listed as 8:15am.

At one point, their app showed outages along Boston Road from Central Street (and along to Oak Hill Road) to Framingham Road. But from personal knowledge, the outage extends at least a little further on both ends of that Boston Road route.

Southborough News posted on Facebook last night “School St at southborough still closed down due to tree wires and transformers 8:43 Tue”. I don’t know if that is related or coincidence.

I – as most people – didn’t lose power until this morning. Shortly after, a tweet informed me of the live wire on fire on Boston Road.

Is your neighborhood affected? Post a comment to let us know.

(On a personal note – how I miss Susan already. Just a couple weeks ago for something like this I’d be checking the site. This morning my kids ran in when we lost power around 6am. I’ve been scrambling since.)

Update – 8:02am: Hallelujah! I have power!  Meanwhile my National Grid app still says 397 affected and moves estimated fix time to 9:15am.  So tell me if your power is still out.

Update – 10:05am: National Grid reports power restored from main outage. Still showing a small outage on Oak Hill Road.

(Photo: Fire on Boston Road from @AlfredoRequena)

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11 years ago

My power flickered several times around 6:20am…and the traffic lights were out at Oak Hill & Rte. 9 at 6:35am…not sure if they’re back yet.

11 years ago

Maple Street and Walnut Drive also lost power.

Michael B.
11 years ago

Cherry and Pleasant Street lost power as well.

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