MWDN: Bylaws for Open Space back in play

by Beth Melo on June 24, 2013

The Metrowest Daily News reports that the Open Space Preservation Commission are planning to propose their own version of the Open Space Residential Development bylaws.

Last week the OSRD section was dropped from the Planning Board’s version of the redrafted bylaws due for a vote in October.

MWDN reports:

Commission member Frederica Gillespie. . . pointed out that the town’s 2009 Open Space Recreation Plan – which was approved by the state and selectmen – delegates responsibility for creating an open space/residential bylaw to the Planning Board, the Zoning Advisory Committee and the OSPC.

“The Planning Board and ZAC couldn’t get the job done, so it’s now our responsibility,” she said.

The OSPC will look for input from developers. They have yet to decide their method for bringing a proposal to law, but are considering a petition.

For MWDN’s full story, click here.

For more background on this issue as previously covered by My Southborough, click here.

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