MWDN: 40B on Oak Hill Rd may begin construction this summer

On Wednesday night, the Zoning Board of Appeals approved the Regulatory Agreement on the Woodland Meadows 40B project. Now Metrowest Daily News reports that Developer Robert Heavey hopes to begin construction this summer.

The 16 townhouse project is located on Oak Hill Road. Heavey has been battling the town on building a version of this 40B project since 2007.

What started as a 43-unit four story development on Woodland Road had too many problems to proceed. Heavey resubmitted plans for a 16 unit townhouse development on Oak Hill Road. ZBA asked for a reduction to 14 units and added restrictions.

In 2010, Heavey publicly accused the town of stalling in order to wait on the state’s November referendum on repealing the affordable housing law. Since then, legal wranglings have led to the town having to make financial concessions on the project.

On Wednesday night, the ZBA agreed to sign the Regulatory Agreement, allowing Heavey to soon finish his approval process with State Housing.

You can read the full MWDN story here.

To see My Southborough’s full past coverage of the 6 year saga, click here.

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10 years ago

What a mess this will cause for the traffic that uses Oak Hill as a pass through to Ashland or to the residents that live up there. UGH!!

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