Southborough resident “publishes” a cheesy children’s story

Another author is living in our midst.

Southborough’s Alan Belniak works in digital marketing. So, when a story idea stuck in his head, it was only natural for him to publish it as a digital book.

With two young daughters for inspiration, Belniak penned a book for children aged preschool through first grade.

His main character is a “cheese detective”. Diego Manchego’s friend Brie asks for his help to solve a dessert “mystery”. The solution incorporates problem solving skills and some spanish language.

Belniak also added interactive content at the end to make learning more fun.

To download Diego Manchego and the Dessert Dilemma, go to

Though the book is only available in Kindle format, it can be read on other smart phones or tablets. (To do so requires downloading Amazon’s free Kindle app.)

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Alan Belniak
10 years ago

Thanks for the kind words and sharing my story! It was a lot of fun to write. We already have a few more story lines ready to go (including more characters!). And if Kindle isn’t your thing, no worries – we’re actually going to press via printed books in the next week! So, check back here or find Diego Manchego online in all the usual places for more updates.

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