Cub Scouts kick of annual holiday wreath and candle sale

Above: If you haven’t already, you may soon be seeing one of these faces at your door.  Cub Scouts are in the midst of this year’s wreath and candle sale. (Photo by Beth Melo)

Today’s a little warm for thinking about it, but the holidays are creeping up on us. Southborough Cub Scouts are already in the midst of their annual holiday fundraiser. The scouts have divied up their streets for door-to-door sales of Christmas wreaths and Hanukkah candles.

The sale is only going on for 10 more days. So, here are the details:

If you’ve seen Cub Scouts knocking on doors, you know it’s that time again – time for their annual Wreath and Candle Sale!

Please support Southborough’s three Cub Scout Packs by purchasing your Christmas wreaths and Hanukkah candles from the boys. The sale runs until November 17th.

If you haven’t had a Cub to your door, please feel free to contact Betsy at to find out who is assigned to your street. Thank you and happy holidays!

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Jerry C
10 years ago

I can’t wait to get my wreath (or two). They are a great deal… and you get to help the Cub Scouts.

Lisa B.
10 years ago

Two handsome young men came to my door this past weekend, how could I say no and bought two!! Love the tradition of us getting the wreaths from the Cub Scouts, have done that for many years. Always look forward to them coming and supporting such a great organization.

Sboro parent
10 years ago

We have ordered our wreath from the Cub Scouts as well. Good job, scouts!

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