Roundup of residents in the news: football militia, a crafty quilter, the victim of World Series mob, and a warrior against cancer

Above:  A Southborough resident helped organize the Breathe Deep Boston 5K fundraising walk. Her efforts were in memory of her non-smoking mother who died of lung cancer at the age of 60.
(photo posted to Facebook by Dan Busler Photography)

I’ve rounded up the media coverage of Southborough residents from the past several weeks. One for her fundraising efforts, two for their hobbies, and one unlucky young woman for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A college sophomore from Southborough was driving in Boston the night the Red Sox won the World Series. Fortunately, only her car was damaged in the frenzy.

Southboro Teenager Says World Series Mob Nearly Flipped Her Car – from WBZ:
[On October 30th, Tess Anketell] and her roommate happened to be some of the un-lucky stuck in traffic on Boylston Street as the Sox won the world series. Suddenly they were surrounded by a mob..banging and climbing on her car.

Her video shows people hitting the car with their fists and screaming.

Tess says “ the whole car was shaking. We were just terrified, my first thought was to try and get out of there.” .  .  .

Tess says at one point some guy tried to encourage the crowd to flip over the Volkswagen .

On the video you can him yelling, ‘flip the bug, flip the bug.”

Tess says they started to rock it “and they were shaking it and banging on it so I would not have been surprised if they had flipped it.” (read more and see video)

Southborough woman remembers mom by joining the fight against lung cancer – from The Metrowest Daily News:

Today, [Barb Devlin] continues her quest to memorialize her mother by helping for the third year to organize the Breathe Deep Boston 5K walk. Put on by the LUNGevity Foundation – the nation’s largest private organization dedicated to research for the early detection and treatment of lung cancer – the walk aims to raise about $250,000. . .

“It’s a way for me to say that I will not stop fighting for better treatments and a cure so that no one has to go through what my family went through,” Devlin said. (read more)

[Editor’s Note: The above event already took place, but you can still make a donation at ]

NFL: Patriots’ End Zone Militia stands guard on Sundays in Foxboro – from
Meet the [New England Patriot’s] End Zone Militia.

Its members dress like actual American Revolutionary War patriots and stand sentry at both ends of the stadium, muskets in hand and ready at the command of their company leader to fire off a round skyward following a score or victory by New England’s NFL entry. They also provide support at Revolution soccer games.

“We’re all real history buffs,” said Bob Elliott of Southboro, now in his 16th season as a militia member. “We come from the world of (Revolutionary War) reenactments and we’re football fans. So to bring the historical part of it to the Patriots organization is just tremendous.” (read more)

Southborough financial planner makes award-winning quilts – from Community Advocate:
For 35 years Pamela Arsenault has been in the quilting trade. Her love for designing, piecing, appliquéing, and binding fabric and thread into impressive and eye-catching patterns drives her passion to create quilts that display her amazing talent to family, friends, and others in the art community. (read more)

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